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New from One Bad Egg: Shroudborn Multiclass

Posted By Flames On December 8, 2008 @ 8:20 am In News | No Comments

[1]The coming of the Shroud changed the landscape of the once-frozen North utterly—and called the dead forth from their graves. But its most subtle of changes was perhaps its most profound. Babes born after the Shroud came developed odd appearances, evincing milky skin, pale eyes, and strange auras in even the mildest of transformations. That would have been strange enough, but it soon became clear that more than just appearances had changed for these so-called shroudborn. They became creatures half a step outside of our own world, attuned to the call of the spirit-world, and at times living lives more in tune with that realm than our own.

Inside this 23-page PDF you’ll find how to transform any player race into its shroudborn alternative, changing the face of your game the way the Shroud has transformed the land. Reinvent the same-old PC races with these methods: learn about the subtle change that overcomes all born within the mist, and see how the Shroud itself has severed the ties of the eladrin to the lands of faerie. Then delve further as the shroudborn seek to tune themselves to the strange power of the Shroudlands, gaining access to 45 new character powers by way of the shroudborn multiclass…

This PDF contains 46 new powers, a new feat, a new item, a battle arena map, spirit tokens, and power cards for every power presented here. An entire spectrum of spirit world power awaits, from the soulbending grasp to the howling abyss onslaught.

Shroudborn Multiclass is available at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [1].

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