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Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge (Pathfinder) Review

Posted By Megan On April 26, 2011 @ 9:45 am In RPGs | No Comments

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    This work starts with an overview of the inquisitor, quite a talented chap with plenty of options. Pity the first paragraph repeats itself, perhaps we should send an inquisitor after the proof-reader!

    So who is this inquisitor anyway? A potent mix of religious devotee, spy, investigator and hunter (of people rather than dinner): a bit self-serving in the way his powers generally serve to enhance himself rather than the group he is in, but at least he can claim it’s all to the glory of whatever deity he reveres! The special ability of ‘Judgement’ is both powerful and versatile, depending on what judgement is pronounced, and this is coupled with a reasonable number of skills and the ability to cast divine spells. They are skilled at both solo tactics and teamwork as well, whilst they have bonuses to many of the skills needful for effective interrogations. The analysis suggests ways of using these to optimal effect, both in designing your character and when playing him.

    Many of the feats provided are combat ones, although Friend and Foe is a neat way to codify and enhance attempts at the ‘Good cop, bad cop’ routine. The Coordinated Fire feat gets around the difficulty inherent in trying to work with someone else whilst constrained by having to act in initiative order. For anyone who’s wanted to model the Japanese art of iaijitsu, the Draw Strike feat captures the ability to draw and use a weapon – generally a sword – in a single motion. For those who want to become ghosthunters, the Track Spirits feat should come in handy, and there are several which will work well for those who see this class as a kind of ecclesiastical bounty-hunter.

    The work concludes with three ‘builds’ showing how the class can be developed to good effect in different ways depending on your character concept. First is the Bloodhound, who takes the bounty-hunter theme and becomes a tenacious and tough fighter who can find anyone and then beat them into submission. Next is the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, who serves an evil deity and attracts innocent souls to that god’s service by appearing nice and helpful! It’s good for someone who enjoys being sneaky and manipulative. Finally, a build which highlights the investigative side of the class, the Detective. There are side notes to each one, which make for fascinating reading. The historical concept of ‘Inquisition’ made famous by the Roman Catholic church of the 16th century, a tool of state policy often as much as one of ensuring that the faithful keep to the straight and narrow. The role of the art of detection in a magical world, and the vexatious debate on how an evil character can work plausibly with a good party… these are covered briefly but in a thought-provoking manner.

    It gives a good grounding in the capabilities and potentials of the inquisitor class, and is worth a look if you play one, or GM a group that includes one. A little marred by several minor errors which have slipped past the proofreader, and a few odd characters which I cannot resolve even with a bit of PDF-hackery, but none are enough to detract from a cracking good read on this specialized area, that will indeed give your Inquisitor an edge!

    Review by Megan Robertson


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