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TimeWatch RPG is available now from Pelgrane Press

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[1]History isn’t written by the victors. It’s written by the people with the time machines.

“Well, that doesn’t look right.” All around you are the abandoned ruins of medieval Paris, with a hundred thousand rotted skulls piled up in a mountain. Your partner draws her pistol and checks the historical record on her holographic tether. “Looks like the Khan didn’t die of alcoholism, and his hordes didn’t stop at Vienna,” she says.

“Then we’d better find whoever decided to save his life.” You punch in the coordinates for Karakorum in the year 1241, and fire up the time machine. As you disappear from the 13th century, you silently hope that it isn’t the roaches again…

In the TimeWatch RPG [1], your band of TimeWatch agents defend the timestream from radioactive cockroaches, psychic velociraptors, and human meddlers. Go back in time to help yourself in a fight, thwart your foes by targeting their ancestors, or gain a vital clue by checking a scroll out from the Library of Alexandria. But watch out for paradoxes that may erase you from existence… or worse.

If you’ve ever dreamed of going on world-changing adventures from the age of the dinosaurs to the end of the universe, the TimeWatch RPG [1] is for you! The game includes:

Rules for thrilling time chases, combat in every era, and the dangers of paradox, powered by the GUMSHOE investigative system.
Extensive GM advice for creating and running games where PCs can travel anywhere, anywhen.
Fourteen settings where you can face Mythos horrors, slide between alternate universes, steal the treasures of the ages, and more.
More than a dozen ready-to-play time seeds, iconic pregenerated characters, and three full adventures.
Plenty of options, so you can easily customize the game to match your group’s preferred style of play.
You’ve got a time machine, high-powered weaponry and a whole lot of history to save.

Welcome to TimeWatch!

The TimeWatch RPG is available now in PDF format at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop [1]!

Buy it now, and get a bonus ZIP file containing mp3s of sound effects and music! Also available as part of the TimeWatch RPG Bundle [2], with Behind Enemy Times [3] and The Book of Changing Years [4].


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