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Eos Press Announces the Trail of the Brotherhood!

Posted By Flames On June 16, 2008 @ 4:53 am In News | No Comments

The Heart of Darkness opens once again – to free the Trail of the Brotherhood!

Designed by the man who brought you Arkham Horror and other fine games, Richard Launius, Trail of the Brotherhood is Lovecraft writ large as a boardgame. And the featured illustrator of the game is Samuel Araya – known for his dark and distinctive work on other games, such as Unhallowed Metropolis and Abuse: The Final Insult!

Playing Trail of the Brotherhood, you and your friends take the parts of intrepid investigators, determined to prevent the end of the world at the hands of a new power that has risen in the world… a charismatic madman who can unite the multitude of cults into one… then use that power to call the Old Ones at last!

The twist? The leader is another player. The players seek to stop one of their own, and the race against time is on! Can they track down the Master before the Call goes out and the Old Ones take the earth as their own and revel in human civilization’s ashes?

“Trail of the Brotherhood is a race against time – for the Cultist Player, their goal is to collect the various cults into The Brotherhood – an organization so wide-reaching and profound as to be able to call the Old Ones and end the world at last! The Investigator Players race after the Cultist Player, attempting to stop him by any means necessary from recruiting the cults he needs… but of course the Cultist Player can fight back with Spells and Monsters to the bitter end!”
— Richard Launius (Creator of Trail of the Brotherhood)

The Trail of the Brotherhood includes:
• Beautiful works of art in each of the hundred and fifty cards;
• Competitive Play – each player plays an investigating team, save for the one who runs the Cults – who plays against them, trying to end the world.
• Suitable as a one-of-a-kind gift to your friends who like Lovecraft or just like beautifully dark games!

About EOS Press

Eos Press is a publisher of games originally established in 2001 in Seattle, Washington as Hawthorn Hobgoblynn Press, publishing the role-playing game Godlike. Relaunched as Eos Press, it is currently comprised of Hsin Chen and Brad Elliott. Now that Godlike is behind them, Eos focuses on the production of card and board games (such as Abuse: The Final Insult and the upcoming Trail of the Brotherhood) and role-playing games (like Weapons of the Gods, Nobilis and Unhallowed Metropolis). For more information on Eos Press, please visit the company website at www.eos-press.com [1]!

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