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Twilight of the Dead Review

Posted By Flames On February 10, 2007 @ 5:50 pm In Fiction | No Comments

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Twilight of the Dead takes five years after the initial outbreak of the zombie plague, and it is told through the view of a young woman named Courtney. Courtney is a sad, depressed person who is depressed at the loss of her father and the fact that her life has been ruined by the dead corpses that have now taken over the world, and this is what makes Courtney such an interesting character. Unlike the big, bad guy heros of the zombie genre, Courtney is the center point of Twilight of the Dead , and this helps make the novel different from any ordinary novel. The plot is interesting, the way he tells the story is unique, and the design of the book (which he did by himself!) is especially interesting and makes the interior of the book aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The novel begins with Courtney reminiscing about her past life before the zombie plague, right after one of her fellow Black Berets, Leon, talks to her and says that she needs to come out of the shell that she is and be an actual missing. It then follows with a flashback of what happened with Courtney before and while the plague is happening, and how she is trained by a Black Beret operative to be what she truly is.

The novel gets even more interesting when a strange scientist called Dr. Dane appears at the fortress town of Eastpoint, where he claims that he has found a cure to the plague that has been threatening humanity for years. He tells Courtney and Eastpoint’s council that he spent several years working for a cure, and now that he has one, he wants the Black Berets to go retrieve it.

This is where the story kicks into high action, with zombies, great plot twists, and new things that have been cleverly introduced to the genre.

This second edition of Twilight of the Dead offers a bonus of three short stories targeting specific characters that help to build on to the world about what happened before the original storyline, and it is a great boost to the novel.

Twilight of the Dead is a novel that any zombie fan should pick up. Never again will you think of a zombie novel as, ‘Over the river and through the woods.’ Adkins offers too much to the genre to make it seem like an ordinary zombie novel.

Reviewer: Kody Boye

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