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Vampire Apocalypse Graphic Novel Kickstarter Project Launch

Posted By Flames On January 10, 2010 @ 9:25 am In News | No Comments

    VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE will be a 140-page full-color graphic novel based on the critically acclaimed Vampire Apocalypse [1] book series written by Derek Gunn. New Baby Productions licensed the graphic novel rights to the novels.

    [1]VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE is a profound re-imagining of the vampire genre that adds a touch of science fiction to the formula. In a dystopian near-future world, war has left the earth depleted of resources. Fuel is rationed, states close their borders, towns die, and technology stagnates. As Americans struggle to cope with these problems, a sinister clan of vampires emerges from the shadows and begins to take over community-after-community. They offer power to those who will join them, and death to those who don’t. The vampires use a serum and subservient Thralls to control the population, wall the cities off, and breed humans as stock. Thralls are humans who have been bitten but have not fully become vampires. They have enhanced speed and strength and are used to guard the vampires during the day when they could be vulnerable to attack.

    This new graphic novel adaptation will be scripted by CJ Hurtt, an eclectic writer whose work has run the gamut from mainstream to horror to slipstream to political drama. He is the current Fiction Editor of Dark Recesses Magazine. Federico Combi, a visionary artist from Argentina with a comprehensive fine arts education, provides a realistic painted style that fits the dark tone of VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE perfectly. His exceptional ability to conceptualize complex story elements and generate captivating art within tight deadlines will be invaluable to New Baby.

    New Baby Productions has launched a Kickstarter page [2] to raise initial funds for marketing and pre-production costs for this graphic novel. Supporters of this project get access to behind-the-scene updates, previews and other exclusive materials.

    Check out the Vampire Apocalypse Project at Kickstarter.com [2] for more information.


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