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Reactions to the new WotC Fan Site Policy

Posted By Matt-M-McElroy On August 7, 2009 @ 8:23 am In Blogs | 4 Comments

Wizards of the Coast has just posted the new Fan Site Kit Policy [1] for those interested in putting together a fansite for D&D 4th Edition (and it apparently covers Magic: the Gathering as well). Reactions have been…rather mixed so far:

The Seven-Sided Die has a good post called Wizards’ Fan Site Kit is not a fan site policy [2] that is worth reading.

Geek Related tells us Wizards Fan Site Policy – What It’s Good For [3].

Several forum discussions have started up as well on RPGNet [4] and ENWorld [5] just to name a few sites.

If I’m reading this correctly the Fan Site policy says you have to use the GSL to “publish” adventures, but the GSL states that you cannot publish via website, HTML etc.

So, if you want to distribute your homebrew campaign setting or adventure you need to publish a pdf and either have a non-fansite website where folks can download it or hook up with RPGNow and have them distribute it for you.

Someone let me know if I’ve got that wrong or missed something in there. Other comments on the policy and related materials is welcome too…

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