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Zombie Fluxx Game Review

Posted By Flames On February 25, 2008 @ 6:44 am In Other Games | No Comments

Available at Noble Knight Games

The Ever-Changing Zombie Card Game
Published by Looney Labs [2]
reviewed by Graveyard Greg

The dead are rising from their graves, so what can you do? Maybe grab a baseball bat and play some Zombie Baseball! Or grab that shotgun and sacrifice yourself for the good of the others. Of course, you can always get in your car and leave your friends in the dust.

Zombie Fluxx is an expanded version of Fluxx, a card game about change. The game changes as you play it, starting with the basic rule of draw one card and play one card. This will,of course, change when new rules are played.

If you’ve played Fluxx then you already know about the basic card types of New Rules, Goals, Keepers, and Action cards. New Rules add to the Basic Rules of Draw one and Play one. Sometimes they can alter your hand size, or make you play all your cards! Goals help you win the game, which sometimes (but not always) require Keepers to win. Actions can allow you to do things like “Draw 3 and play 2”, or even grant you another turn.

Zombie Fluxx adds to these basic card types with the addition of Creepers. Creepers are cards you simply do not want because they often prevent you from winning. In Zombie Fluxx, Creepers are zombies, and there’s four types of Zombie cards with different outcomes if you kill them. Some go straight into the discard pile, while others get placed back on top of the draw pile! Creepers are also played in front of you as soon as you draw them. There’s no escaping the zombies, but a good shotgun might just help you out if you can get it.

Another new card type is the Ungoal. It’s treated exactly like a Goal, but if the conditions are met, the zombies win. All the players lose!

The original Fluxx is easy to learn, and fun to play. Zombie Fluxx is no different. It takes just a couple of minutes to explain the additional rules of Zombie Fluxx, but they’re easy to learn. And just like the original Fluxx set, the rules for Creepers and Ungoals are on the cards themselves.

At a price tag of 16 dollars, Zombie Fluxx is worth every penny. The cards are now in full color which is why there’s a two dollar price increase. My friends and I constantly play game after game of Zombie Fluxx, as it’s a very fun card game.

So if you’ve got a urge to kill some Zombies with some friends, you’ll want to give Zombie Fluxx a try. Be careful though, as the rules are always changing, and a friend may turn into a zombie.

That car is looking more and more tempting…


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