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I started role-playing in 1977 when I went to university (Cardiff), haven't really stopped since. True to form, met my husband in a castle dungeon (Treasure Trap, the first live roleplay site) in 1982.

After a doctorate in botany (York), turned to computing and worked in a software house writing planned maintenance systems, then wandered into this new-fangled web thing early and after some freelance work got hired by the local college as webmaster where I hit on the idea of using it to support and enhance learning and teaching rather than just advertise the place...this led to my current role as 'ILT Champion' (how's that for a job title?) at Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College, teaching computing and spreading the word about uses of technology whatever you're teaching... and got made a Fellow of the British Computer Society in 2007.

And of course the role-playing continues, and I'm never without the plotbook. I run RPG Resource and if I ever get bored there's my other website,


The Half-Dead RPG Review

Posted on May 7, 2009 by

Whether you choose to play a half-dead as one of the most bizarre characters I can imagine, or feel that they will make horrific opposition for your game, this work details a terrifying fate, that of being neither dead, undead or alive… but trapped somewhere in between, a living mind in an undead body. Will madness ensue?

This fate can befall a member of any race, provided it is sentient. As it’s caused by dying while under the influence of dark and necrotic magics, it is a fate which can be held over characters when they encounter a foe capable of casting such magics.


Adventurer’s Vault RPG Review

Posted on April 23, 2009 by

All adventurers need good equipment, both magical and mundane, and even the most creative DM sometimes needs ideas for interesting treasure hoards for the characters to, ahem, liberate… so here is a book packed full of goodies to serve both interests. The Introduction explains the organisation of the work: a chapter each for equipment and magical items, plus a couple of appendices mostly for the DM, one with ideas for using magic items and one with them listed by level for ease of hoard creation.

Mainly intended for the character looking for some retail therapy, Chapter 1: Equipment is broken down into sections detailing all manner of gear. It begins with masterwork armour, and also covers weapons, mounts, vehicles and even alchemy – both that which can be purchased and things you can do yourself if possessed of the appropriate tools.


True20 Warrior’s Handbook Review

Posted on April 20, 2009 by

The Introduction sets out the intention of this work – to delve more deeply into the ways in which warriors can excel and combat be handled under the True20 ruleset. It does this by presenting ways of enhancing Warrior character creation and development, and by providing a greater range of options for them to use when engaging in combat. It’s intended as a toolkit, from which you can pick the bits you want to use.

Chapter 1 looks at Warrior Creation. To start with, not everyone who can and does fight is a ‘warrior’ – it is a specific role embraced by those whose primary area of expertise is fighting, fighting to win. The focus of this book is anyone taking on the true warrior’s role – whether he fights with rocks or with a laser-cannon. Naturally you’ll have to select the bits appropriate to the setting in which your warriors will operate, beginning with a discussion of background.


Mythologies (Requiem) RPG Review

Posted on April 9, 2009 by

The concept behind this book is that, just like the rest of us, vampires tell stories. This is a collection of some of the myths and legends told throughout time in vampire communities. Interestingly, none are presented as being ‘true’ – this is left to the Storyteller to decide for himself – and so players can read the book freely without compromising their knowledge of their particular game world’s alternate reality… they will, instead, absorb the tales told amongst the vampires that they play with as little knowledge as their characters have about which are real and which pure fiction.

The book opens with a story about a mirror, and then there’s an Introduction which explains what it is all about. Following chapters look at several myths about the origin of vampires, modern legends (or urban myths) told amongst vampires tonight and finally some of the things that really scare even the bravest vampire.


Draconomicon Chromatic Dragons Review

Posted on April 6, 2009 by

Intended to serve as a collection of information about red, blue, green, black, and white dragons (as described in the Monster Manual, as well as a few newcomer dragons in the shape of grey, brown and purple ones, this work launches straight into its subject with a chapter on Dragon Lore. Much has already been written about dragons and yet the surface of the possible information about these truly epic creatures has been merely scratched. This chapter takes a wide-ranging look at dragons as they exist in the alternate reality of Dungeons & Dragons, including origins, biology, society and outlook, culminating in details of the chromatic dragons. Did you know that a dragon has no ears, and that it grows a complete new set of teeth each time it increases in size? But lest such comments suggest a mere biological creature to studyas you would any other, fear not: the notes portray a clear picture of a being that is truly awe-inspiring, the stuff of legend indeed.


Strange Alchemies RPG Review

Posted on April 2, 2009 by

The aim of this work is to muse about some of the motivations and background issues that drive a Promethean, ideas that may spawn adventures and motivations for both players and Storytellers alike. It opens with an atmospheric story told by one Promethean, who appears as a young girl and works the club scene (not a tale recommended for the prudish), and who tells how no job lasts for long…

After explaining what the book is about, the Introduction goes on to raise the interesting idea of playing Prometheans which have been created by a deranged human rather than by another Promethean (the normal method, as described in the core rulebook).


11 Tales of Ghostly Horror

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