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Rapture: The Second Coming Review

Posted on December 29, 2004 by

In recent years a host of post-apocalyptic games have flung themselves at the mercy of the gaming market. Rapture: The Second Coming is a setting created by William Spencer-Hale. Its post-apocalyptic echoes have strong religious overtones. While some games with a religious feel have lent themselves to popular Christian theology, Rapture flies in the face of such traditions through its conspiracy and depiction of the Vatican as the basis for all evil. The writers of Rapture are aware of its controversy, “Rapture does not attempt to embrace a religious ideal or promote one form of theology over another. On the contrary, in the context of the game, all religions have their truth, no matter what their view of God may be.” (Page 24) The game is no less controversial for having the explanation, however. Its character classes span the realm of modern-day religion and stereotypes.


Posioncraft: The Dark Art

Posted on December 22, 2004 by

Normally I’m not one who likes many D20 products on the market, as I am not a regular user of that system. Also due to the fact that many of the products out there are not of the highest quality that they should be, more of an attempt to make a few dollars off of the D20 logo with a halfway thought out ideas done with shoddy writing.

However this particular book does not fall among the ranks of those.


Interview with Richard Lee Byers

Posted on December 17, 2004 by

In this interview we discuss Wraith: the Oblivion and Forgotten Realms fiction. Richard also hands out a little advice for up-and-coming authors and tells us about some of his other work.


Interview with Andrew Bates

Posted on December 10, 2004 by

Andrew describes his job as Managing Editor of Sword & Sorcery Studios in this interview. We also talk about his work on several World of Darkness RPGs, Ravenloft and writing the Year of the Scarab trilogy.

Monica Valentinelli

Blood and Brains: The Zombie Hunters Guide Review

Posted on November 29, 2004 by

The .pdf is written extremely well, Tresca’s experiences within the gaming industry definitely shine through in his writing. The language has a conversational tone, and is written in the second person. While the intended audience is “zombie hunter,” the .pdf’s focus shifts back and forth from player to GM back to player again. Writing for a dual audience is no doubt challenging, however some information would have been easier to read only if it was organized differently.


Interview with Talon Dunning

Posted on October 6, 2004 by

Talon tells us about his work on Ravenloft and Scarred Lands for Sword & Sorcery Studios in this interview. We also talk shop about art and professionalism in the industry.


11 Tales of Ghostly Horror

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