Archive | December, 2003

Interview with Mark Bruno

Posted on December 31, 2003 by

In this interview Mark tells us about his work on the Unbidden RPG as well as other projects.


Interview with Echo Chernik

Posted on December 30, 2003 by

In this interview artist extraordinaire Echo Chernik tells us about her work on various RPGs including Mage: the Ascension, Conspiracy X and Deleria.

She also gives us some insight into her inspirations and other bits about her art.


Interview with Jackob Klunder

Posted on December 30, 2003 by

Freelance game designer and author Jackob Klunder tells us about his work on Dark Ages: Vampire and Vampire: the Masquerade.

He even gets in a bit about the upcoming ForumCon as well during our discussion.


Interview with Artist, Anne Koi

Posted on December 29, 2003 by

Artist Ann Koi tells us about her work on the Call of Cthulhu d20 core book and other interesting projects in this interview…


Interview with Matt McFarland

Posted on December 16, 2003 by

In this interview we talk to the Dark Ages Developer about Changelings and the Fae, upcoming projects and other interesting history.


Interview with Robert McLaughlin

Posted on December 16, 2003 by

The creator of Cthulhu Live discusses Lovecraft fiction and Live Action Role Playing. We also discuss the rise of video games and their affect on “traditional” games.


Interview with Lucien Soulban

Posted on December 14, 2003 by

Author and game designer Lucien Soulban tells us a bit about working on the Orpheus RPG and a few other projects with White Wolf Publishing.

He also mentions a few new projects on the horizon that we should all keep an eye out for.


Interview with R. K. Post

Posted on December 14, 2003 by

In this interview we talk to the artist about his work on Obsidian: the Age of Judgement and other RPGs. Mr. Post also gives a little break-down of the art development process that goes into books he has worked on.


Dark Mirror | Obsidian: the Age of Judgement Fiction

Posted on December 11, 2003 by

I woke for no reason from strangely blissful dreams, my eyes adjusting quickly to the dark of our room. Michael slept against me, his huge arm around my waist, one hand splayed across my belly. He should have woken to any disturbance before I did. Yet of the two of us, I woke, not to sound or movement or anything I could understand, but more to a pressure in the air. A feeling, growing from my abdomen under Michael’s palm and spreading up my veins with the shock of the purest Liquid Silver, disturbed my dreams and lifted my head. The feeling told of an unwelcome darkness.

Written by 2003 Fiction Contest Winner, Elizabeth Petersen


Interview with Novelist & Freelancer, Ari Marmell

Posted on December 1, 2003 by

In this interview Ari Marmell tells us about his work on various World of Darkness RPGs, especially Vampire: the Masquerade.

He also answers a question or two about his novel, Gehenna: Final Night and other upcoming projects.


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