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Aliens vs. Predator Movie Review

Posted on September 24, 2004 by Flames

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This was one of the biggest let downs ever. The funny thing is that it starts off so well…interesting, new concept. Then half way through the movie it takes a turn for the worst and our “hero lady” (who’s acting leaves much to be desired with her foul one liners and fake conviction) runs beside the Predator…with an actual scene that looks like Batman and Robin. They made the Predator look so weak as he needs the help of this human. Another big Hollywood destruction of characters created by individuals with originality. And what was the point of putting Lance Hendrickson in the film other then to lure the die-hard fans to go see the film?? Another Hollywood ploy to fill their pocketbooks to compensate for their lack of vision?? No tie to any of the past films other then the characters on thetheire. At least Freddy Vs. Jason tied things together and held up to both styles of horror classics.

This film was an insult to Sci-FI Fans everyplace…not even the ending can make up for such a terrible botch.

If I was a film critic I might give his movie one star…but I am not, I am just a SCI-FI fan…so I will not sugar coat it for you…I have to put this movie in the negative star area. I felt my IQ must have dropped a point or two just sitting through this Hollywood baited film. I guess I should have known when Hollywood takes two rated R film series and tries to combine them both into a nice little “just for the kitties” PG-13 film.

If you are fans of the original films…don’t see this movie, don’t rent this movie, don’t waist two dollars at the budget theater (believe me your time is worth more). But if you like movies that Hollywood get’s their hands into to make a buck or two…maybe you could go to the drive in theater and see a double shot of Aliens vs. Predator and that last Batman movie Joel created.

One thing I will say…I am an Alien fan and I was insulted. I feel sorry for all you Predator fans…Hollywood really made them look pathetic. You didn’t see the Aliens needing the help of some terrain expert (who I am sure has no experience in combat) to kill their prey.

Reviewer: Doug Shea

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