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Ancible Magazine Review

Posted on December 4, 2009 by Flames

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    November 2009 has seen the release of one of the most well thought out and put together magazines for Sci-fi and Fantasy Wargaming ever. ‘The Ancible’ is the dream and creation of Kenny Robb, Managing Director of the magazine. At first glance the cover alone is enough to inspire purchase with a magnificent painted miniature by Adrian Walters. The magazine, from the time you open it to the last page, is a visual masterpiece designed with thought, purpose and function. Phil Cunningham is the man to thank for that. This is not a magazine designed by beginners or ‘fly by night’ fans. Every article and piece of artwork is well thought out and placed for visual appeasement. The usual overabundance of retail advertisements and promotional material is not present; having just enough to wet the consumers’ appetite.

    The first game review is by the well known Ian Barstow, whose credits include former editor of Mongoose Publishing. Ian’s review of ‘Secrets of the Third Reich’ is informative and thorough, providing details and explanations that even a non-wargamer would understand. The sheer knowledge he has of the game coupled with the layout and design of this article makes it a must read. After reading about Atomic weapons, Zombie Soldiers and UFO’s I believe that even the pickiest wargamer will give this game a try.

    Chris Duncan provides an excellent summary of ‘Urban War’. A detailed premise and description of the game along with extensive background gives someone who reads this article the burning desire to play. The miniature artwork/photographs are also well done. Alan Oliver provides a short but powerful article on ‘Future War Commander’ proving, at least to me, that the games strongest point is flexibility. Mr. Oliver also gives us another look into ‘Battletech’ and some house rules, which as he explains, are fun variants on an old game.

    The Adrian Walters review is another reason for making this magazine the number 1 wargamer magazine of all time. The creativity of Mr. Walters, through the use of his painting skills is unmatched and each miniature looks as if it would leap off the page and come to life. Kenny Robb does an excellent job of asking all the right questions and providing a detailed look in Mr. Walters’s background. The sheer passion of Adrian Walters work is evident in his creations and life and presented in this article. Ian Cook’s article on ‘Colours 2009’ is also a well written article that gives all the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the show. After reading this article I truly felt as if I had personally attended. The items and details he gives, along with his personal outlook, make this a valuable article for anyone that is ever considering attending.

    The ‘Battle Report’ on Privateer Press’s Warmachine by Jez Fairclough and Simon Parkinson is of the highest quality. I have always been fascinated by this game but have never taken the time to sit down and actually play a game and learn the rules. Jez and Simon’s simple yet thorough Battle Report has changed my mind. I just want to know who’s going to paint the miniatures for me? Lastly ‘A Beginner’s Guide to AT-43’ by Spencer Taylor is a good way of summing up a great magazine. Another great game that is visually stimulating as well as very playable, this article gives the average person, who knows nothing about the game a complete breakdown of everything ‘AT-43’. Once again the artwork, superior layout and a greatly written article make this a perfect addition for an awesome magazine.

    To be blunt, how could you as a serious wargamer not subscribe to this magazine? A few wargamers have suggested that they do like to occasionally do Role Playing Games, and that this magazine really doesn’t support that; this is not a correct statement. The Ancible has plans for RPG articles and adventures and in Issue #2 this will come to light. In summary The Ancible provides everything that a wargamer and more importantly consumer would wish; quality for their hard earned money. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

    Review by By Eric K. Rodriguez

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