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What do you want to know about the V20 Companion?

Posted on February 16, 2012 by Flames

Yesterday, White Wolf publishing launched a Kickstarter project for the V20 Companion, which is a supplement to Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition.

Twenty-one years ago, Vampire: the Masquerade hit the tabletop RPG market like a black-clad bolt from Hell itself and changed the way games were played forever. It wasn’t just about playing a game; VtM changed people’s lives and defined a lifestyle. Last year, White Wolf created a deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition to celebrate all that Vampire: the Masquerade has meant to its creators and its fans and the response was astounding. It was clear to us that the players want more classic VtM, so we began work on the V20 Companion.

About the V20 Companion:

Developed and written by legendary VtM designer Justin Achilli, in constant communication with players using the same Open Development process we used with V20, this volume of new material examines additional topics such as Titles within vampiric society, the effect of technology on modern Kindred, terrifying locations around the world, and the clanless Caitiff.

We’d already planned that the V20 Companion would be sold in PDF and Print on Demand formats, but then we began to hear that folks wanted the book in a deluxe format to match V20: embossed black leather cover, silver gilt-edged pages, a red silk bookmark, and of course, beautiful full-color interior pages. After talking it over, Justin and I realized that Kickstarter was the perfect way to make that deluxe dream a reality.

– by Rich Thomas via

The Flames Rising crew wants to know more…We think you do, too.

What do you want to know about the V20 Companion? What about the Kickstarter project? Ask your uestions in the comments below. Then, on Monday, February 20th, we’ll compile the best of the bunch and send them over to Rich and Justin.

We’ll post the compiled interview here at Flames Rising once they’ve had the chance to spill some secrets…

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    8 Responses to “What do you want to know about the V20 Companion?”

    1. Odd_Canuck says:

      My first real question is less about the product itself and more if this can be taken as an indication that White Wolf will (assuming this book is successful) be embracing the kickstarter project model for other products and lines. I could easily see it being used to gather support and backing for say Exalted 3rd Ed or Scion 2nd Ed.

      Is development going to be in many ways open and gathering feedback from fans as V20 was?

      How are Rich, Justin and the others going to celebrate when the kickstarter project goes WAY over goal, which is a point it should reach by the time the next article is published?

    2. MrGone says:

      You may get this one alot..but: How has developing and writing supplements for RPGs changed in the last 20 years? Is it easier getting an RPG book published now as opposed to then?

      Hope thats not too vague.

    3. Rev. Bob says:

      I’m more curious about how long a book this is going to be. I’d hate to pledge $50 for a deluxe edition of a 50-page splatbook…

    4. Orange says:

      …That cover art is awful. How did we go from the gorgeousness of the Camarilla and Sabbat guides to this? Im very disapointed : (

    5. Dampyre says:

      Same as Bob. It may looks like narrow-minded, but, probably because I must pay 70$ (I’m french) to have that book, it must worth the spent…

      Also, side to the V20 Corebook, a 50 pages book will be a little bit ridiculous, no ?

    6. badmojojojo says:

      Thats the cover art for the pod I presume. I pledged for the leatherbound delux 😉

    7. Dhaunae says:

      According to Justin Achilli: “Companion is about 40K words, a little larger than the second-edition clan books.”

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