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Michelle Webb has been a gamer since the age of 8 when she asked for her D&D box set and has never looked back. Coined the “Mick Foley of all things Nerdy” she has been a dog bather, radio show host, voice actor, anthropologist, Rocky Horror Picture Show cast member, smoking cessation coach, Storyteller and currently works in the game industry. Live Action has been a passion for her since she found Vampire in 1995 and her husband Eddy through LARP in 1999. Michelle lives in Atlanta with her husband Eddy, her partner, David, her two pugs (Puck and Vinny) and a cantankerous feline named Greebo.

Vampire Retrospective: Michelle Webb

Posted on November 23, 2011 by

The Vampire Retrospective Project continues today with an essay from Michelle Webb, author of the recently launched Life Imitates LARP column here at Flames Rising. Michelle tells us about her joining a Vampire LARP, being a member of the Camarilla fan club and the friends she has met along the way…

When I went with my friend Scott to play in a Vampire game he’d heard about at his (now wife’s) school, I had no idea my life would be forever changed. At the time I was in my first marriage and working at jobs I hated, making just enough scratch to keep my head above water. Little did I know when I showed up at Angsthaus that night that I’d be here writing this all these years later. I’m now happily married and living the nerd dream of working in the gaming industry and being able to be a part of the game that changed my life. That game was Vampire the Masquerade.


Life Imitates LARP: Isn’t that a kind of fish?

Posted on November 4, 2011 by

Flames Rising is happy to announce the launch of a new column! Michelle Webb is here to talk about Live Action Role Playing and she wants to hear from you! Life Imitates LARP will explore the hobby, offer up some advice to Storytellers and Players and generally discuss this hobby. Michelle brings years of experience in running large-scale and local games. So, take it away Michelle…

Life Imitates LARP

When people hear the acronym LARP (Live Action Role Play) a number of images come to mind. Possibly it involves dressing up in medieval clothes and beating up each other with foam swords. It could also involve something that looks like this. When I got into LARP, it all started when a fellow Rocky Horror cast member said, “Hey, there is this Vampire game flyer. Why don’t we go check it out?” What I experienced that first night was the best combination of Table Top and acting in which I had the pleasure of indulging.


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