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Nancy O. Greene started writing at the age of nine. Her previous works include Portraits in the Dark: A Collection of Short Stories, which received a brief mention in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2007; and fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in ChiZine; edifice WRECKED; RESPECT International; All Things Girl; and Freshly Squeezed: An Anthology. She is currently the editor of Pen in Hand, the newsletter for the Maryland Writers’ Association, and a contributor to Dark Recesses Magazine. She has a BA in Cinema and a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California, and she has also attended the Borderlands Press Boot Camp for Writers.

Berserker 0 Comic Review

Posted on July 5, 2010 by

With Norse history and mythology as a base, BERSERKER explores the idea of seemingly normal, modern day human beings transforming into merciless killing machines, unable to stop themselves from destroying anyone in their vicinity. They have no knowledge of what’s happening as it occurs, but they are left to deal with the aftermath. Milo Ventimiglia of HEROES is attached to the project.

This was a very short preview (13 pages) but it’s also a good starting point for the series. In BERSERKER’s first panels we’re introduced to Farris, a soldier that was stationed in Afghanistan and is suffering from PTSD.


Okko: Cycle of Air, Book One Review

Posted on June 10, 2010 by

OKKO: THE CYCLE OF AIR, BOOK ONE is the third cycle in the OKKO series from Guy Delcourt Productions and Archaia Entertainment, LLC. It stands well on its own, though reading the other cycles in the series (Water and Earth) and knowing some of the background of the setting will no doubt lend more fluidity to the events of the story.

The plot focuses on Samurai Okko, his entourage, and their attempts to help a girl that is seemingly haunted by spirits.


Zero Hunters #2 Comic Review

Posted on April 26, 2010 by

I have to say, I’m really getting into the ZERO HUNTERS series so far. Issue #2 delves more into the character relationships and packs just as much of a punch as the first.

After downloading my free review copy, I dove right in. The panels start off with the introduction of a new member to the ZH team, Officer James Mitchell. He’s green and doesn’t believe a word of what he’s told. But that all changes soon enough after a nice little romp in a shady underground club.

As a potential sidekick he’s sharp and quick enough on his feet to keep up. Overall, Mitchell makes a nice addition to the unit, and he adds a bit of comedic relief and a contrast to Garrick. We also get to meet more of the Zero Hunters. The players are tough and like the job, and they’re a great backup for Garrick and his personal mission.


Twilight Crusade: Gabriel Review

Posted on March 30, 2010 by

“Raining Fire” is the first in the TWILIGHT CRUSADE: GABRIEL series from Moonstone and introduces us to a female embodiment of the archangel Gabriel. She’s fed up with her job, has a jaded outlook and some high powered, kick-ass weapons. I’m all for tough heroines and heroes ready to take down the bad guys, and I enjoy a complex good vs. evil story. Unfortunately, I didn’t think there was enough in the first issue to fully deliver the hard-edge and gripping storyline that it initially promises—but there is great potential here for any future issues.

An introductory page gives us some background. It lays out the story of Lucifer and the fallen angels, Michael the other archangels, and the ones that couldn’t choose a side. The latter are called the Hollow because “they were so empty of passion they couldn’t choose a side.” Being banished to earth, many of the Hollow bore children with humans. The offspring were called the Nephilim.


Zero Hunters #1 Comic Review

Posted on March 12, 2010 by

At first glance this seems like it could be tagged as “The Punisher Meets Blade,” and that’s not necessarily a bad thing because there are solid differences that give this comic its own signature stamp, so endless comparisons are not needed. In the first panels we’re introduced to William Garrick, a man that’s part of a special task force hunting “the things that aren’t human.” But he’s also on a personal mission of revenge. The opening gives enough background to get things started before the story moves into a tense and revealing action sequence.

The protagonist here has a slick “don’t mess with me” attitude and there’s a nice mixture of darkness and humor. Some of the dialogue in a few spots is a bit cliché but, because of the fast pace of the story and the composition within the panels, it doesn’t detract from enjoyment of the narrative.


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