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Zero Hunters #1 Comic Review

Posted on March 12, 2010 by Nancy

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    At first glance this seems like it could be tagged as “The Punisher Meets Blade,” and that’s not necessarily a bad thing because there are solid differences that give this comic its own signature stamp, so endless comparisons are not needed. In the first panels we’re introduced to William Garrick, a man that’s part of a special task force hunting “the things that aren’t human.” But he’s also on a personal mission of revenge. The opening gives enough background to get things started before the story moves into a tense and revealing action sequence.

    The protagonist here has a slick “don’t mess with me” attitude and there’s a nice mixture of darkness and humor. Some of the dialogue in a few spots is a bit cliché but, because of the fast pace of the story and the composition within the panels, it doesn’t detract from enjoyment of the narrative. Instead, that seems to serve as more of a tongue-in-cheek wink-wink to the readers that would likely be familiar with other works in this genre.

    The artwork is strong; there’s depth, a feeling of immediacy, and the action sequences as well as the slower panels flow. There’s a very nice use of page space and also an overall glossy look to the art that gives it that “live” feel. The cover composition foreshadows with artistically detailed and carefully-placed items. I also found that the dialogue bubbles were easy to follow from one speaker to the next and the lettering throughout was solid.

    The only negative in the artwork, as far as I could tell, was the drawing of the wife, which comes towards the end of the first issue. In the middle of an important and emotional plot sequence, we’re greeted with an oddly-drawn human character. This type of thing isn’t present in any of the other characters previously or subsequently introduced. There’s no problem with ample attributes—hell, it’s almost a prerequisite for most female comic book characters, and the next females introduced have the same attributes—but with this particular character the body is so awkward-looking from the chest down that it took me out of the story. Of course, that might not be a problem at all for some readers, heh heh.

    Overall, I found that, while it could be stronger (and it appears that it will be from the hints dropped at the end), the plot was interesting enough to make many fans of supernatural/vampire stories want to keep reading. You have a protagonist that readers can identify with and sympathize for, a good antagonist that fits nicely within the created world, and room for further story and character development. The minor characters seem to have solid background stories as well. A lot is revealed about them in simple, quick introductions. Possible subplots are subtly worked in so that they don’t overshadow the main tale. As the issue goes on, there’s a nice twist to the storyline that takes it out of the realm of traditional vampire hunter/revenge stories. I think most readers will find it to be a pleasant add-on. It lends an even larger purpose to the character in addition to the initial selling point and also allows room for some very interesting settings and plot lines.

    This comic seems like it will continue to deliver a decent read and a visual experience that will be welcomed by many readers.

    Review by Nancy O. Greene

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