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Beyond the Wall of Sleep Film Review

Posted on October 10, 2004 by Flames

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Starring: Fountain Yount, William Sanderson, Kurt Hargan, Marco St. John, Rachel Mellendorf, Rick Dial and Tom Savini. Directed/Written by: Barret J. Leigh and Thom Maurer,. Based on original short story by: H.P. Lovecraft., Music Composed by: Kaveh Cohen. Columbia Picture, 2004, 84 min. Rated R., Reviewed by Jeff Jacobs

As an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” is riveting horror film, filled with a deep, dark emphasis of mystery. The film emphasizes on early 20th century psychiatric research, combined with inexplicable evidence of the occult.

A mysterious mountain man named Joe Slaader (William Sanderson) is detained in the Ulster County Asylum following the murder of his family. At the asylum, Edward Eischel (Fountain Yount) experiments with electroshock therapy and is fascinated with the mysteries behind the brain. He finds a deeper entity within the new patient. Instead of a mere inbred, irregular patient, Edward sees Slaader as a deeper incarnation of evil. The film unlocks the mysteries behind the evil powers trapped beneath the skin of Slaader.

“Beyond the Wall of Sleep” is not for the weak of heart. The film is filled with dark images and lots of blood. An “R” rating is suitable for the film. Despite its gruesome nature, the film is filled with brilliant cinematic, powerful imagery. The special effects poised an excellent connection with the story. A little slow at first, the story eventually picks up and keeps you wanting more. The film will leave you with an eerie feeling and may even cause some nightmares if you’re lucky.

One of the keys to an effective horror film is the music. By far, the score written for the film is extremely creepy and delivers shivering effects. In addition, the films website contains an array of interesting facts and even has the score available for listening. The official site can be found at

Many horror films generated a buzz within the community that praises the genre. With no exception, “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” represents classic horror and has the potential of becoming a future cult classic. Brace yourself for an exciting ride into horror’s new flagship for fright.

Reviewer: Jeff Jacobs

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2 Responses to “Beyond the Wall of Sleep Film Review”

  1. pwnerer says:

    stop critiquing movies. you suck at it. this film was so unbelievably horrible. terrible acting, terrible camera work, terrible script, terrible everything. If you get frightened by morons donning wigs whom can’t act to save their life, then quit watching horror films.

  2. Matt-M-McElroy says:

    This review is 4 years old.

    Not really worth the effort at this point.

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