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Blockbuster Costumes: Movies That Inspire Dressing Up on Halloween

Posted on October 30, 2012 by Flames

Movies, TV shows, video games and comic books provide inspiration for some of the best and most elaborate Halloween costumes. Costume play can get so extreme that subcultures are created and acted out. If you go to a renaissance festival, which is highly recommended, you will see cosplay in it’s finest, most innocent moments. People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds don themselves in rich fabrics, corsets, bodices, peasant outfits, head pieces and doublets. They carry ribbons and daggers and speak in an Old World accent. The best part is watching the cosplayers interact with one another in character.

On that note, because Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time for a little cosplay of your own. Browse the Internet for good Halloween costumes of your favorite action movie this year, or make one yourself.

Katniss Everdeen – “The Hunger Games”

    If you want to be fierce this year, get into character — carry a bow and quiver with arrows. Put on a V-neck tee, a pair of women’s military style boots, cargo pants, a black or gray jacket with a hoodie and carry a back pack labeled “12.” Now you’re on your way to winning the “The Halloween Games.” Be sure to pick up a pin with a bird representing a “Mockingjay,” a side-braided dark-haired wig and pop in some mesmerizing gray contact lenses — don’t forget the attitude.

    Other optional costumes include Katniss during the reaping and the eccentric Effie Trinket. If you are a guy, sport a blue wig and eyebrows while transforming into TV personality Caesar Flickerman, or become the ever-drunk Haymitch by wearing baggy linens, a tie, vest, suit coat and some very messy blonde hair. Don’t forget to carry a flask.

    Catwoman – The Dark Knight Rises

      Kids and adults alike are seriously considering trick-or-treating as one of Gotham’s menaces. Catwoman is a pretty simple creation in that she wears all black. It’s the accessories that will make this costume. Put on some leather or vinyl skin-tight pants and a super skintight shirt as your base.
      Add a thick belt, thigh-high stiletto boots, a very important accessory found at costume stores online, a chunky toy gun, cat mask and hair — lots and lots of hair.


        Who doesn’t love a great teddy bear costume? This vulgar and crude furry little guy would be a great costume for Halloween. You can buy a whole or half “Ted”dy bear costume, or simply get a bear hat or head and dress as something different below the neck. Don an apron and carry a spatula and be a teddy bear chef. Suit up in a baseball uniform and be a baseball player with a bear head. Don’t forget to carry a bottle of whiskey. You’re sure to get lots of hugs as a sweet “Ted”dy bear.

        The Avengers

          Have a group of friends and want to go as a bad-ass Superhero? This is your year! The Avengers is your ticket to ruling the party. These costumes might be difficult to make yourself, so browse costume shops in person or online for your favorite Avenger. However, if you are a clever little designer, Black Widow and The Hulk would be the easiest of the crew to emulate.

          Michelle Cook – 2012

          Michelle is a freelance journalist who covers pop culture, including movies and TV shows. Her favorite genre is superhero movies.

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            1. Daniel says:

              I like the Avenger costumes. The costume companies are getting better at giving us quality products and affordable prices.

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