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New Edition of Blood Sword for 5th Edition Live on Kickstarter

Posted on June 18, 2021 by Flames

Blood Sword 5E

    When it was first released, Blood Sword was the first series of interactive novels that allowed you to play singly or in a group. Part-gamebook, part-RPG, it allowed its readers to imagine themselves in a fantastic and dark world, full of dangerous magic and populated by powerful sorcerers and frightening beasts. That revolutionary epic, a five-volume masterpiece, was an overwhelming international success, and went on to thrill generations of adventurers. Even today, after numerous reprints, it remains a bestseller.

    “Blood Sword is the sword of life, the only weapon capable of opposing the evil power of the Wizards of Krarth who threaten the Lands of Legend. Your mission is to retrieve the fragments of the sword and thus bring an end to the impending doom, but to do so, you will have to face the grim and harsh Kingdom of Wyrd, with its trap-ridden labyrinths, fearful beasts, and enemies of all kinds and shapes.

    You will receive neither help nor mercy, for none have you ever shown towards your enemies; you are no more than a motley crew of mercenaries and fanatics, who managed to survive the worst battles thanks to your ferocity or cunning.

    But rarely both. And yet you have been chosen to succeed where even heroes have failed: now an arduous and dangerous path awaits you; you will have to make critical decisions at every turn and your boldness will be put to the test… time and again.

    If you die, the world will die with you.”

    The time has come to breathe new life into the gloriously dark world that made this classic famous, by creating a new setting for the Fifth Edition of the world’s most beloved role-playing game, where you will rediscover the characters, weapons, and dangers present in the old series, but also encounter new classes, dangers, and storylines!

    The Kickstarter campaign for Blood Sword 5th Edition is run by Tambù, a leading gaming company that specializes in services related to gaming and the training of gaming professionals, in partnership with Edizioni Librarsi, an Italian publisher of gamebooks, and Officina Meningi, an agency that specializes in the development and launch of interactive publishing projects.

    The team of authors involved on the project includes: Dave Morris, the original work’s creator; Valentino Sergi, co-author and artistic director of the project; Daniele Fusetto, co-author and developer of the new rules system; and the extraordinary assistance of Andrea Rossi, Mauro Longo, Dario Leccacorvi, Andrea Tupac Mollica and Robert Adducci.

    The campaign includes the release of an introductory jump start, a foray into the setting of Blood Sword 5th edition, which contains everything you need to face the first adventure in the grimdark world created by Morris and Johnson. The final Blood Sword Setting Guide will be made up of 200-250 full-color pages, richly illustrated by Eryk Szczygie?, Mirko Mastrocinque and Moreno Paissan, complete with maps, characters, opponents, monsters and other images that are evocative of Legend, the land of adventurers threatened by unspeakable horrors.

    You can try out the game together with its authors by joining the community on Facebook:

    For more information, visit Blood Sword 5th Edition on Kickstarter.

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