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Cemetary Gates Movie Review

Posted on June 9, 2007 by Flames

Well, this movie has a bunch of scientist chasing a big getaway animal, and who doesn’t like a creature flick? Jaws, Cujo and other such movies showed us that creature movies can be good as long as they have a good plot and a good creature.

Sadly, Cemetary Gates didn’t do it very well for me. It was a good idea, but as the director and screenwriter said in the special features, they did it purely for the gore affect and because they wanted to mess around with a giant mutated Tasmanian Devil. The movie does have its highlights though . . . There’s a few good actors, especially the girl who plays August, and maybe the head scientists, but other than that the actors aren’t that good. There’s very little left in line for character development because it’s all gore; too much gore.

It’s an ok movie if you want straight gore and hate storylines, but if you don’t like that, I’d suggest avoiding this movie.

Reviewer: Kody Boye

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