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Breaking the Law…Vampire Style

Posted on January 28, 2008 by Matt-M-McElroy

On Friday I mentioned in the Flash Fire Mini-Reviews how much I liked the Storytelling Adventure System from White Wolf Game Studio. These adventures offer up tips, tools and other dark treats for Storytellers of the World of Darkness games.

Criminal Intent is the latest addition to the SAS line-up. A Vampire: the Requiem adventure written by Eddy Webb, CI offers up some new interactive features and really shows the potential of the SAS product line. In the story presented in CI, the characters have the chance to dive into the politics and intrigue of their city, making allies and enemies throughout the night.

Talking shop about Criminal Intent, Eddy says “It’s got a strong lead-in (the Invictus Storyteller character asks the coterie to do something for him), which is great for a starting group looking for IC motivation to get momentum.”

After giving the eBook a quick read-through I would agree that this could be an awesome way to start a new Vampire chronicle, there are plenty of plot-hooks and lots of potential for continuing the story. Groups with games already in progress will find plenty of useful bits as well.

Criminal Intent (and the rest of the SAS line-up) is available at

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