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Dark Ages: Tremere Novel Review

Posted on September 25, 2004 by Flames

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Written by Sarah Roark

I never was a great fan of Clan Tremere. Not that I disliked the signature characters or the ones who appeared in the various sourcebooks, the Vampire/Mage – concept just seemed cheesy to me.

I really liked Tremere-Goratrix-intrigues in the Transylvania-Chronicles and everything in Blood Treachery was just great, but Tremere as player characters had a certain flair of powergaming to me. If I want to play a wizard I’m going to buy Dark Ages:Mage, not Dark Ages:Vampire, am I not?

Like I said, I never WAS a great fan of clan Tremere, yet!

The stuff Sarah Roark described in the Novel converted me.

J├╝rgen the Swordbearer sends out Jervais Bani Tremere to Livonia to bring down the witches allied with Quarakh the Gangrel. Jervais first has to find six tribesmen before he will ventures to Livonia cause a complete circle includes seven of the undead mages. So his quest first leads him to Ceoris where he gets instructed by Etrius himself how to proceed.

When he finally has completed his circle the small party starts to Livonia.
Arriving there brings a lot of problems in form of the Livonian witches called Telyavs who are in fact renegade Tremere themselves. So a great magical battle is on the verge. Mages against witches.

But the Telyavs arent’t Jervais only problem, his clansmen are mostly famous for their backstabbing behavior.

So in my opinion “Dark Ages: Tremere” is a brilliant book full of surprises with only a handful of boring pages. A great way to approach the Tremere. Absolutely recommendable, maybe the best of the Dark Ages Clan Novels.

Reviewer: Daniel Moritz

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