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Flames Rising Staff Picks for the Cthulhu Mythos Sale!

Posted on August 20, 2015 by Flames

H. P. Lovecraft was born August 20, 1890 and the DriveThru sites (RPG, Comics, Fiction) are celebrating with a huge sale on hundreds of Cthulhu Mythos eBooks, audiobooks and other goodies.

We’ve gathered a list of some our favorite titles from each site here on Flames Rising. Note, we only selected from titles currently available in the sale, so we are definitely not saying this is some sort of be-all-end-all list of the absolute best Mythos tomes event, this is just a fun list of some our personal favorites. Enjoy!

Matt’s Top Picks for Cthulhu Mythos RPG PDFs:

    Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies from Pelgrane Press – One of the best campaigns ever designed for horror RPGs

    Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set from Cubicle 7 Entertainment – An amazing collection of PDFs, with handouts, fiction, and more that offers up a vast array of madness for characters to explore.

    The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man from Arc Dream Publishing – Dennis Detwiller’s epic and otherworldly Dreamlands campaign for Call of Cthulhu.

    Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity from Pagan Publishing – A collection of terrifying threats and new options for anyone running a modern Cthulhu Mythos inspired game.

    Masks of Nyarlathotep from Chaosium – An updated edition of a classic Call of Cthulhu campaign, offering the characters a chance to investigate the mystery of the Carlyle Expedition.

    Clockwork & Cthulhu from Cakebread & Walton – 17th century alternate historical fantasy meets Cthulhu Mythos madness…

    Red Eye of Azathoth from Kobold Press – An action packed collection of scenarios spanning a millennium of history with plenty of story hooks.

    World of Darkness: Second Sight from White Wolf – A book of psychics, sorcerers, and other occult strangeness. It also includes a chapter on Reality-Bending Horrors that helps clever Storyteller’s bring the Mythos into the World of Darkness.

    Achtung! Cthulhu: Guide to the Pacific Front from Modiphius Entertainment – World War II action, adventure and horror! Dual stats for Call of Cthulhu 6E and Savage Worlds.

    Atomic-Age Cthulhu from Chaosium – After you wrap up your Achtung! Cthulhu campaign you can dive into the horror of the 1950s!

    Check out all 720+ Cthulhu Mythos RPGs PDFs that are on sale now at!

    Bill’s picks for Cthulhu Mythos Fiction eBooks:

      Cthulhu 101 from Atomic Overmind – This dandy little guidebook by Kenneth Hite tells you everything you need to know to seem like a master of Mythos knowledge!

      Shotguns v Cthulhu from Stone Skin Press – This entertaining collection of Mythos tales that span the centuries features stories from authors like Larry DiTillo, Nick Mamatas, Robin D. Laws, Dave Gross, and Kenneth Hite.

      Harlan County Horrors from Apex Book Company – A wonderful collection of creepy tales, a number of which are distinctly Cthulu-esque in nature.

      The Trellborg Monstrosities from Modiphius Entertainment – This novel melds the action of the Second World War with Lovefcraft’s typical theme: humans meddling in things they don’t understand. A team of Commandos confronts nameless horror in Scandinavia, but will they survive, much less fulfill their mission?

      The Dunwich Horror Audio Book from Renegade Arts Entertainment – One of the creepiest stories of all time read out loud; perfect for long trips down lonely country roads…

      Kolchak: The Night Stalker: A Black and Evil Truth from Moonstone Books – I continue to be impressed with the work Moonstone has done in reviving the Kolchak property.

      The Whisperer in Darkness Audio Book from Renegade Arts Entertainment – Another creepy Lovecraft tale, read by the same person as The Dunwich Horror.

      World War Cthulhu: The Fiction Anthology from Cubicle 7 Entertainment – A strong collection of stories using the Mythos and World War Two as the central themes, and using a wide variety of locales around the globe.

      Whispers from the Abyss from 01 Publishing – A diverse collection of short stories by some of modern Mythos writing’s brightest and best, including Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Greg Stolze, Dennis Detwiller, Nick Mamatas, and Jason Andrew.

      Letters to Lovecraft from Stone Skin Press – An anthology not inspired by Lovecraft’s stories, but by his essay “Supernatural Horror in Literature”. The goal of this collection is to respond to his ideas more than riffing off specific stories. An excellent collection of contributors also make this a book well worth reading.

      For even more horrifying tomes of madness be sure to check out the Cthulhu Mythos Sale selection at!

      Monica’s favorite Lovecraftian digital comics:

        Darkness: Shadows and Flame from Top Cow Productions – Explore the past of The Darkness as Top Cow tells a tale inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

        Kolchak: The Night Stalker: The Lovecraftian Horror from Moonstone Books – Investigator Carl Kolchak gets more than he bargains for in his latest case. Can he survive the horrors of the Mythos?

        Apollo from Markosia Enterprises – Classical Greek Mythology meets the eldritch horrors of the H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos universe.

        The Complete Phineus Volume 6 from Strumhaus-Piffle – On a lighter note, Phineus: Magician for Hire gets mixed up with the Terror of the Cthulhu Cult and more in this collected volume.

        H.P. Lovecraft #1: The Alchemist from Caliber Comics – The first of Caliber’s comic style adaptations of classic H.P. Lovecraft Mythos tales.

        Lori Lovecraft’s Voodoo Mansion #1 from Asylum Press – Lori Lovecraft is Asylum’s unlikeliest of heroes mixed up in a series of mystery and horror in comic format.

        H.P. Lovecraft #5: The Music of Erich Zann from Caliber Comics – Another excellent adaptation from Caliber Comics.

        Kolchak: The Night Stalker: The Lovecraftian Damnation from Moonstone Books – Can be read as a follow-up to the above mentioned Lovecraftian Horror or as its own stand alone tale.

        Dive deeper into the Mythos with even more horror comics on sale now at!

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