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Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide Part 1: To Isolate

Posted on March 26, 2011 by Flames

A Chronicle Companion for Werewolf the Forsaken in Four Parts

    The full book includes:
    • Thirteen chronicle kits, which modify, emphasize and defy your expectations of what Werewolf the Forsaken can be.
    • Ideas for chronicles set in ancient Sumer, in the trenches of eternal war, and with urban fantasy romance.
    • Every kit contains tools for players and Storytellers alike, with ideas to integrate them into existing chronicles as well as new ones.

    In this first part, we strip Werewolf the Forsaken down of its fundamental components. Each kit herein takes something we’re used to and throws it by the wayside. They leave werewolves alone in an unknown world to face whatever comes their way.

    When Uratha first change, their lives are awash with alienation and pain. There’s no structure. There’s no security blanket. When we remove structure, we aim to tell wonderful Coming of Age stories.

    The game, as written, assumes a great deal of control on part of the Uratha. They choose when they shift, when they conduct epic hunts, and when to bargain with spirits. Without that control, The Moon’s Curse has werewolves as immortals that shift only during the full moon, and when wounded to the point of death. They leave bodies in their wake, but don’t remember their vile hunts.

    Packs are the most common organization amongst Uratha. But what if you’re playing a game with only one werewolf? What if the werewolves are not pack creatures, but instead solitary predators? Lone Wolves shows us stories where werewolves keep to themselves and trust only as far as their claws can grasp.

    Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide Part 1: To Isolate is available now at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop.

    (Full subscription to the Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide can be purchased here.)

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