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Free RPG Day Haul: Did You Get Yours?

Posted on June 21, 2011 by Monica Valentinelli

Wow. This year’s free RPG day freebies were outstanding. We decided to shop at because we were looking for a copy of the Hellboy: Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game — and found it!

At Noble Knight, we snatched a first edition, first printing from this fully-illustrated edition published by Steve Jackson Games. Also included in the “paid” portion of our haul, was the Pathfinder campaign setting Undead Revisited. I can’t help but think the name implies a double dose of necromancy — as if one wasn’t bad enough!

This year, the games for Free RPG Day were clearly marked on the cover. I, for one, think that was a good idea and is a great way for collectors to distinguish what they are and when they were produced. The freebies we picked out was Nightmare at Hill Manor for White Wolf’s World of Darkness. This quickstart is the same size as the majority of their other books and offers over fifty-five pages of content.

We also acquired the Dragon Age Quickstart Guide from Green Ronin Publishing, which is a precursor to the Set 1 Box. Not sure if you’ve played the video games, but there’s a huge difference between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. I almost think Dragon Age: Origins is a better fit if you want to play a bloody dark fantasy game.

Yeah, okay. So there’s two more things we picked out. The Waking Dead is an introductory adventure to All Flesh Must Be Eaten by Eden Studios. We’re happy to see some new product come out of Eden Studios, especially since the zombie craze is still going on.

Last but not least, we have in our possession Savage Worlds: The Wild Hunt. This particular freebie is really timely, because we just finished three sessions where we experienced different themes of the Savage Worlds system. It’ll be interesting to see what the new books are going to be like.

What about you? Did you pick up anything new?

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3 Responses to “Free RPG Day Haul: Did You Get Yours?”

  1. Mobius says:

    I would love to have took part of the free RPG day, even if i had to buy something first(I have no probs with that helps support the store)
    but in the UK, especially this part of London, there was NO-ONE.. there are very few stores, little to any conventions.. does annoy me sometimes
    Still it was great seeing all the positive feedback the day got.

  2. PackofGnolls says:

    I picked up the D&D offering Domain of Dread: Histaven and the Dragon Age quickstart. My father-in-law scored me a bunch of others, including Dungeon Crawl Classics and Pathfinder: We Be Goblins among others. I’m going to review each one and then give them all away on my blog, so if there was anything else you wanted and couldn’t get your hands on, check out!

  3. Nix says:

    Sadly, no.. I didn’t. I was really hoping one of the stores in Madison was going to participate in it cause dashing down to Janesville for Noble Knight was a bit too far of a drive after getting off work.

    Hopefully I can snag some stuff next year

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