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Halloween Horror: Quisivore

Posted on October 16, 2008 by Flames

Our new addition to the Halloween Horror series is brought to use by game designer Eddy Webb (Mind’s Eye Theatre: The Awakening).

Eddy brings us a tale of desperation and horror, just what is a Quisivore? Is it coming for you next?

The Quisivore

Created by Eddy Webb

Eyewitness Transcript: January 24. Cincinnati, Ohio.
“The name ‘quisivore’ is something I made up, just a name to give it. I’m not even sure if the creature has a proper name, or if he’s part of a species. The one I met called himself Claude.”

“Claude looks human enough on the surface. He’s got a long, diamond-shaped scar on his face, but since I saw him over the rim of a burning oil drum late at night, I couldn’t get a really good look at him. As we talked, I started to realize that the scar wasn’t the only unusual thing about him. Everything he said was a statement. Everything. He never once asked a question, not even a rhetorical one. He didn’t ask me my name. He said ‘I don’t know your name,’ and let me fill in the gaps.

“Then I noticed that he was leading me to ask questions, and every time I did, his face was a little less ashen, his stance a little less slouched. No matter how inane or obvious my questions were, he savored them like those individually-wrapped expensive chocolate squares you get in fancy hotels on your pillow. He sucked them down eagerly and demanded more. He spun some story about how humans were the only creatures to question the world around them, and that inquisitive nature was some kind of energy that could be cultivated. I don’t know – at the time, it sounded like a bunch of crazy tin-foil hat bullshit, and all I could think about was a nice hot bowl of Guinness stew.

“After a while, I was feeling weak. I thought it might have been from standing outside in the fucking snow for half an hour with my stomach growling while talking to a crazy homeless man. As I tried to make a graceful exit, I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous, like when you stand up too fast after giving blood.

“And then… and then his face split.

“That horrible scar on his face parted like a rubber coin purse, and this thick red slime oozed down his face. It was like melted lipstick that slid and fell in plops onto the gray slush. I stared at it, wondering if he was bleeding or needed to go to the hospital, when I noticed that the sludge was not only sliding together into a rough pile, but that it was… Christ, it was coming for me.

“I ran like hell out of there. I came to you, because I don’t know that anyone else would even believe in that shit. You do believe me, right? I’m not crazy.”

About Eddy Webb
Eddy is the Alternative Product Developer for White Wolf Publishing, which includes the Storytelling Adventure System line of adventures and the Print-on-Demand line of products available at Eddy lives a sitcom life with his wife, roommate, a cat and a pug dog.

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