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Help Us Interview White Wolf for Strange, Dead Love

Posted on September 21, 2011 by Flames

Vampire: the RequiemEarlier, White Wolf publishing announced an upcoming paranormal romance sourcebook for Vampire: the Requiem entitled “Strange, Dead Love.”

Developers Russell Bailey and Eddy Webb guided a trio of writers on the project. Jess Hartley, Filamena Hill and Monica Valentinelli lent their expertise and their voices to dive into the steamier side of Requiem where vampires and mortals fall hopelessly in love and lust.

In honor of this sexy new book, wants Russell Bailey and Eddy Webb to spill all the supplement’s dirty secrets. We think you do, too. That’s why we need your help.

What do you want to know about Strange, Dead Love? Ask your burning questions in the comments below. Then, on Monday, October 3rd, we’ll shoot your deepest desires over to Eddy and Russell.

The finished interview will debut on on Sweetest Day, October 15th and will include ten questions chosen by White Wolf. Not all questions may be answered.

What are you waiting for? Fire away!

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19 Responses to “Help Us Interview White Wolf for Strange, Dead Love”

  1. I am curious about the inspirations behind this book. I imagine literature like the work of Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer played a big role but what about television and film? Does Dark Shadows get a nod anywhere in the book?

  2. Vampires can be creatures of imitation and memory. In a lot of ways this can make them vulnerable to dangerous side of mimetic desire. How much did the work of Rene Girard influence the writing of this book?

  3. Eric Crabtree says:

    Since most stories of Love/Romance are geared towards women how do you plan to make this more for ST/RP’ers?

    Will it discuss how the Kindred can feel any notion of love when most emotions they have are just memories and acts of subterfuge?

    Is this going to be a Kindred/Kindred, Kindred/Mortal style romance or will you discuss the ideas of Kindred/Supernatural Entity romace?

  4. Per Sikker Hansen says:

    On a darker note, a lot of litterature and folklore — mostly tragedies — touch on the subject of obsession with a loved one and breaking all natural rules to get loved ones back from beyond the grave, even years after their demise. We know vampires are capable of the Post-mortem embrace; will this be incorporated? I’m also curious about the even darker implications when we look at necromantic disciplines such as Getsumei and Cattiveria.

  5. Bryan says:

    Even though the Twilight Series is the most well known vampire romance, I prefer series like Karin, Rosario x Vampire, & the short-lived moonlight series. Will Strange, Dead Love cover any of these classics?

  6. ArcaneWatcher says:

    Ugh, Rosario Vampire is worse than Twilight. But I digress.

    1)In the Forsaken Chronicler’s Guide, we got a mechanic based around the five Renown that tied into the world of Uratha romance. Will we see something similiar in this in regards to clans or bloodlines-anything similar at all, really?
    2)Are we going to see the many variations of what mythos, folklore, and pop culture suggest happen when the vampire successfully breeds against all odds?

  7. I’m very glad that White Wolf has decided to do a bit of a u-turn where this subject is concerned. I can imagine that Russel Bailey’s vision of our beloved monsters has a lot to do with this, however if it’s someone else, all due credit of course. I have to ask, what inspired the project and what made you decide to run with it? I know it’s a topic that’s been carrying on for the better part of 7 years on Shadownessence, but the polls are clearly in favor of vampires not only being able to physically have sex, but to enjoy it, be entrapped by it, even lose themselves within it. Is this the major angle you’re running with? That, through sex, their lust for blood is amplified and the potential to lose themselves to the Beast is ever lurking? Is it just a tool, vampiric foreplay if you will, for the biting that comes with it?

  8. @White_Wolf_Fan AKA Primal Flame AKA Rodrigo Couto says:

    Most of our fellow fans think about Twilight or Anne Rice when we argue about the upcoming sourcebook. However, I think about depraved, twisted things, specially because an inhuman, undead, creature, ends developing strange ideas and views. They use the memories of the love experienced in their breathing days, but the curse perverts they behavior and points of view. So, I have to ask, do you guys plan a section on how low humanity/deranged Kindred experience love? Because I think about something truly deranged and with heinous consequences, when I think about undead love.

  9. Alan Smithee says:

    I am interested in this book because of the vampire aspect. Back in the Masquerade days the book encouraged character creation of newly embrased characters. Requiem plays things a bit more loose, since you can have a character who has been a vampire for a substantially longer period. But these creatures are no longer human and can quickly loose touch with their humanity. There is certainly a style of gameplay where a player can have a lot of fun portraying a strange, wild mosterous Vampire Creature but I don’t see how love figures into that equasion. Those newly-embrased may feel a desperate need to hang on to something resembling love and affection with a mortal or fellow Kindred (or even some other creature) with a need to fill a void, to feel those dissapating emotions of care for another and to be cared for but to a Kindred a century or more gone? I don’t know what they would feel besides lust; and it would be difficult to prevent intimacy leading to violence, blood and death.

    So yeah, it will be interesting to see how that is handled.

  10. Cielle says:

    The Vampire line is well known (for better or for worse) for its bleak tone. On the surface, a book about romance would seem to counteract this.

    Does this book treat an actual loving relationship (Kindred/Kindred, Kindred/human, or otherwise) as possible for a monster, and explore what that implies? Or does it stick to the default tone and assume that most or all such bonds will end in tragedy?

    Basically, does this book’s content reverse prior assumptions about the setting, or reinforce them?

  11. badmojojojo says:

    Please let this book give us hacks & alternate rules on blood bonds, vinculums and particularly blood sympathy. I want mechanics for TrueBlood style elder to neonate summonings, Vitae orgasms and what happens when low humanity vampires ‘love’.

  12. badmojojojo says:

    Oh, almost forgot to add: Do vampires fall in love with other supernaturals? What does this mean mechanics wise. Can a vampire and werewolf become lovers (Underworld anyone??)? Can a mage and a vampire?

  13. SunlessNick says:

    I would have gone fo a question like Cielle’s. For an alternative… Will the book touch on ghoul romance as well as vampire romance?

  14. Bryan says:

    Not trying to be rude or anything but Style is a preference, not a rule.

  15. Bryan says:

    Also I was talking about the themes of the various shows, not how to use the shows as settings.

  16. Bryan says:

    Like Karin has a theme of Self-loathing, Rosario has a theme of limiting yourself, etc.

  17. ArcaneWatcher says:

    I’m glad you got that much out of Rosario Vampire. As for me, I could never get past the fact the staff meetings for that series involved in-depth conversations about panty shots.

    if you liked it, good. Not a fan personally.

  18. Monica says:

    Just wanted to say “Thank You!” for all the comments and questions. I was able to pull out several for the interview with Eddy and Russell. The questions and your original comments have been submitted to White Wolf.

    Thanks so much for being a part of this!

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