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Horror Helper Halloween eBook Bundle!

Posted on October 26, 2008 by Flames

Halloween is upon us. Are you ready?

We’ve got you covered for Halloween. Four respected names in RPG digital publishing have teamed up to offer the Horror Helper Bundle. This set of downloadable products includes everything you need to add a little spice to your horror gaming and make it easier to cook up Halloween adventures. It’s available only until the end of October, so muster the courage to try one now.

Here are the ingredients:

Halls of Horror by Tabletop Adventures
Need to set a scene in an abandoned, slightly weird, or downright horrific building? This download gives you 150 creepy descriptions of building interiors and more for use with any RPG from the pulp era to the present day.

100 Horror Adventure Seeds by Postmortem Studios
Need an idea for a horror adventure? This download offers 100 one-page ideas for horror games, everything from zombie apocalypses to Cthuloid cults at the edge of society. Not only does it give you overviews of the stories, but also several twists to make them unique, as well as the occasional hint or tip.

Lives of Necromancers by Bards and Sages
Would you like to inject factual accounts of real wizards and mystics into your game? First published in 1834, this download offers readers a unique insight into the lives of some of history’s most famous (and infamous) alleged sorcerers, wizards, and necromancers. From Medea to Nostradamus, Merlin to Dr. John Dee, and Simon Magus to Dr. Faustus… unlock the secret’s of histories greatest mystics.

Disposable Heroes: Classic Horror Monsters by Precis Intermedia
Need miniatures for your Halloween gaming? This download includes 30 classic horror figures that can be printed, cut out, and used as paper miniatures. These aren’t just regular paper miniatures. ENnie Award-nominated Disposable Heroes come in three formats: a-frame, tri-fold, and flat counters. Just print out the style you need. Plus, a full page of each figure (in each format) is also included, so you can assemble huge armies of horror monsters.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic collection of downloadable products designed to make your gaming easier. And with a savings of almost 30% on this bundle, can you really afford to be left in the dark?

Order now exclusively from RPGNow.

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