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Horror Webcomics: Call for Suggestions to Review

Posted on January 28, 2008 by Monica Valentinelli

Do you enjoy fright in your InBox every morning? Do you jump with glee when blood splatters all over your web page?

Well, new to Flames this year will be reviews of the good, the bad, and the horrific in new media formats that we haven’t covered before. We couldn’t think of a better place to start than with online horror webcomics, but we found that we couldn’t scare up enough links to places that were not only blogworthy — but that were current.

If you have a suggestion for a horror webcomic you would like included in an upcoming article, please post the link in the comments on this post. Or, if you’d rather haunt us instead, visit our contact us page and send us a message.

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10 Responses to “Horror Webcomics: Call for Suggestions to Review”

  1. miakoda says:

    Required reading: Contemplating Reiko!

    Gunnerkrigg Court is also quite lovely, but it’s more of a weirder, more mythic Harry Potter with a splash of horror (and female protagonists):

    Demonology 101 was pretty good if you want to review a completed series. I haven’t seen Faith’s Slave Labor comic, Zombies Calling, but that might be worth a review in the comic books section.

    If I think of any more I’ll let ya know…

  2. I’m pretty partial to HIGH MOON an ongoing werewolf western webcomic on ZUDA:

  3. Dan dixon says:

    A webcomic I have been working on with 3d modelling software and photoshop. It is called shadow on the sun and is a tale about a vampire who uses his powers for good. four issues are available for viewing completing the origin.
    Thanks Dan

  4. kurt barlow says:

    Shadow on the sun a unique vampire webcomic.

  5. Div Nielsen says:

    A dark comedy with ghosties demons and witches.
    Called Lil Nyet, The Red Menace

  6. cab calloway says:

    I checked it out and it is fantastic

  7. Bengo says:

    How surprised I was to stumble across my own comic, above, suggested by someone I’ve never met. Thanks for the support, Div.

    Though one of our major characters, a ghost of the late Tsar’s cat, appears almost instantly, delicious supernatural themes don’t really take off until around episode 100. (At this writing there are over 300 episodes; it updates 5 days/week.) As pleased as I am by the suggestion, I can see why some potential new readers might be confused at first glance. It is certainly not similar to any other webcomic I can think of. “Dark comedy” is an apt description.

    That’s it… just sharing my thoughts and tipping my hat. 🙂

  8. Bryan says:

    Firstly, I’ll admit, I’m guilty of self promoting. But I’d like to suggest my one-shot. It can be read in its entirety at this website.

  9. SHummel says:

    really nice links, I need to get caught up on some much needed reading. I just started a site for my comic- at first it was an adventure comic going to get pretty strange and creepy so I’m going woth a horror genre as well. links below enjoy!

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