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H.P. Lovecraft Comics from Caliber Comics

Posted on March 30, 2008 by Flames

Along with Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King, Howard Phillips Lovecraft is considered one of America’s most innovative and popular American horror writers. The master of the weird tale during the first decades of the 20th Century until his premature death in 1937, Lovecraft’s distinctive style and canon of work has influenced as many authors as the stories of Ernest Hemingway and Dashiell Hammett. Lovecraft’s earliest published work, Herbert West: Re-Animator, was turned into the 1985 cult classic film, Reanimator.

Caliber Comics has published a number of Lovecraft’s classic tales and inputed a modern spin for today’s audiences and the writers are developing new tales based on Lovecraft’s imaginations in addition to adapting some of the classic stories.

H.P. Lovecraft: The Tomb #1 of 1

Do ghosts exist? Or are what we perceive to be spirits manifestations of our personal lurking insanity, waiting to swallow us whole into madness? Since childhood Jervas Dudley has visited a secluded and locked tomb on his family’s Rhode Island estate. Dudley believes he can commune with the ancestral ghosts who inhabit the tomb, many of whom mysteriously perished during a wicked party over 200 years ago when a fire consumed the Dudley’s first estate. Is Dudley mad? If he is, then how does Dudley know where to find lost ancestral artifacts buried in the remnants of his family’s original estate?

H.P. Lovecraft: Beyond the Wall of Sleep #1 of 1

Denys Barry is convinced that telepathy is possible, and his clinical research at Oakdale State Psychiatric Institute in New York support his hypothesis. But Barry’s research is jeopardized after he suffers violent seizure during on experiment during which he sputters “cosmic” nonsense. Soon after Barry discovers that a criminal patient named Joe Slaader was admitted into Oakdale at the same as Barry’s outburst. Barry is convinced his mind somehow tapped into Slaader’s delusion. He wants to attempt to connect telepathically link with Slaader again. Barry is not surprised when the telepathic link is reestablished. What does shock him is that Slaader appears to be the avatar of a powerful cosmic intelligence desperate to prevent the destruction of our world by another star-born being.

H.P. Lovecraft: The Lurking Fear #1 of 1

Inexplicable murders in the Catskills. A Hooverville of squatters plummets into a gigantic sinkhole during a ferocious thunderstorm, where their bodies are torn apart and devoured as if by some pack of wild animals. Arthur Munroe, a journalist at the scene, follows a trail of legends to an abandoned Dutch colonial mansion at the top of one of the nearby mountains. Munroe and two companions explore the Martense mansion during the next thunderstorm. But what Trith discovers is that the beast is no fantastic monster, but something closer to the heart of all men: the lurking fear that waits to engulf civilization with the savagery of mankind’s primordial past.

H.P. Lovecraft: Arthur Jermyn #1 of 1

The Jermyns have lived in their gothic estate in Cambridgeshire for centuries. Explorers and adventurers, they are a wild and violent bunch with a cursed, black history of sudden murder and blood. Until the birth of Arthur Jermyn. As brutal as his ancestors, Arthur also seems to possess a calmer, more intellectual side. These two halves seem to war for possession of Arthur’s soul as he researches the Jermyns’ past, hoping to find a reason or origin for his family’s wicked ways. And he finds it in deepest Africa, where Philip Jermyn, Arthur’s great-grandfather, discovered a lost city built by the elder gods and populated by the hybrids, the descendants of humans and the spawn of Cthulu, high priest of the elder gods. Hybrids that offered Philip immortality to Philip, but only a horrible cost. A cost that, when Arthur learns it, makes the last of the Jermyns walk out into the moors, douse himself with coal oil, and set himself on fire.

H.P. Lovecraft: The Alchemist #1 of 1

For over 600 years the male descendants of the royal Chabrillane family have all inexplicably perished on their 32nd birthday. The legend of the Chabrillane curse supposedly began on the night Count Henri Chabrillane, mistakenly believing the alchemist Michel Mauvis had abducted his son Godfrey, throttled Michel to death. Michel’s son, Charles, called Le Sorcier (The Wizard), cursed the Chabrillanes, murdered the count, and escaped. Henri was 32 years old that night, and no male descendant of his has lived to see the age of 33. In 1832 the last Count de Chabrillane is about to turn 32.

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