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Mummy: The Curse Core Rulebook Kickstarter

Posted on December 18, 2012 by Flames

From C.A. Suleiman, Mummy: The Curse Developer and writer:

About a decade ago, White Wolf released a game called Mummy: The Resurrection as the core offering for its Year of the Scarab. When the Time of Judgment rolled around, that game and its continuity were put to rest, along with the other classic World of Darkness lines; but endings breed new beginnings, and in the course of developing the end of that game, a vision for a new mummy-focused roleplaying experience began to take shape. It would be a decade before that vision could come to life, but here we are at last.

Welcome to Mummy: The Curse, a new World of Darkness roleplaying game. As developer, I couldn’t be more excited to roll this out. Not simply because it was my brainchild, or because of all the hard work my team and I have put in on it so far, but because I’m as proud of it as I am of anything I’ve done in my career. And also because, let’s be frank, it’s been a bit too long since we, as fans (and I happily admit that I got my start as a fan), have gotten a new World of Darkness game. Well, the wait’s over, friends.

Mummy represents a step in a new direction, the first core release of the new era under Onyx Path Publishing, and this is just the beginning. Not only are supplements already on the way, but if things go well, we’ll be using some of the design philosophies implemented here in future products, as well. So, regardless of your overall interest in this vision of mummies walking a world of darkness, this is a product to watch and we hope you’ll stay tuned and engaged as we move forward.

As always, you guys are the reason we can even do this, and we promise never to forget that.

    What’s in it?

  • -The first new New World of Darkness™ game since 2009.
  • -Represents a step forward in the evolution of the Storytelling System.
  • -Book includes a player’s section, a Storyteller’s section, and a complete S.A.S. story—everything you need to get a chronicle up and running.
  • -Includes extensive information on the Deathless, from their half-remembered past to their beliefs and social conventions to their personal motivations and more.
  • -Scores of new examples of both game elements (powers, relics, Merits, etc.), and new concepts, from the fivefold system of Pillars to the all-important Descent.
  • -Opening fiction by award-winning author Greg Stolze.
  • -Stunning original art by Sam Araya, Cathy Wilkins, Aaron Acevedo, Andrew Trabbold, Borja Linares, Vince Locke, James Denton, Marco Mazzoni, Johan Lindroos, and Tyler Winham.
  • Find out more information and back this project at

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