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More Nachos Entertainment acquires rights to Eclipse Phase

Posted on July 8, 2009 by Flames

More Nachos Entertainment has acquired the rights to the highly anticipated role-playing game Eclipse Phase. Game veterans Rob Boyle and Davidson Cole are actively developing the feature film script.

Eclipse Phase is set in the future, but in a time that is closer than we want to believe. Earth has been destroyed and humanity stands on the cusp of a new age where humankind has merged with technology. This new transhumanity has colonized Mars and the solar system, though it remains divided between repressive hypercorp-backed regimes and techno-anarchist strongholds. Biotechnology allows humans to repair or replace their bodies, while artificial intelligence has grown to staggering levels with cognitive science and nanotechnology, making uploading the human mind possible. Transferring the mind digitally across great distances is now the preferred means of travel.

What horrors await us in the deep empty chill of space? What choices will we make in order to survive?

Rob Boyle has been actively working as a game designer, editor, writer, developer, and art director in the tabletop role-playing game industry since 1997, contributing to over 60 published products. For 6 years he served as lead developer for the Shadowrun role-playing game, culminating in the co-design and creation of the award-winning Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. He is currently lead developer for the Eclipse Phase role-playing game, which he co-created with Brian Cross.

Davidson Cole is developing the boardgame/video game hybrid, Verminopolis. Additionally, Cole has worked extensively on character and story contributions with video game developer Day 1 Studios and role-playing games such as Shadowrun and VOR: The Maelstrom. Cole also wrote and directed Design, which was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival and the documentary, The 95th: The Iron Men of Metz. In addition to the Eclipse Phase script, he is currently in development on his second feature film, Angels.

More Nachos Entertainment (MNE) officially launched in June of 2009 with its acquisition of Eclipse Phase. MNE was founded by Stephen Marinaccio, film maker and gamer who has worked on over 45 feature film and television projects. MNE aims to bring great films to the screen, engaging video games to the masses and well-told stories to the Los Angeles stage.

Posthuman Studios and Catalyst Game Labs developed the Eclipse Phase role-playing game, due to be released in the autumn of 2009.

Posthuman Studios is a creator-owned game design studio project founded by Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, and Adam Jury in 2008. Several new titles are currently in development, including the Eclipse Phase role-playing game and the Paparazzi! card game.

Catalyst Game Labs is comprised of game-industry veterans publishing the BattleTech wargame and Shadowrun fantasy-cyberpunk role-playing game. Catalyst is a division of InMediaRes Productions, creators of the BattleCorps BattleTech subscription site.

More Nachos Entertainment is based in Los Angeles, California. For more information visit

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4 Responses to “More Nachos Entertainment acquires rights to Eclipse Phase”

  1. Kjetil says:

    I’m very skeptical about this. How is it possible to portray this in a movie and be true to the concept? Also, if this is going to be a motion picture – it would need a very big budget. If this becomes another B-movie like almost every rpg to movie and vidio games to movie things out there…

    And this company dont seem to have the money to make this to be anything good. Probably something like the Midnight Chronicle or the Dungeon Siege movie in quality…

    It should rather be considered to be an animated movie instead – along the lines of Final Fantasy – Spirits Within.
    And I also smell straight to dvd marketing here.

    Yes I’m harsh, and thats because I’m tired of games and rpgs that become movies end up to destroy the whole concept, or just be a piece of crap. Eclipse Phase deserves something good – and as there are very little trans humanism in movies this should work its way to a good and decent Hollywood budget and be a cinema release.

    Just a dream I guess…

  2. vernes says:

    I saw Avatar the movie.
    I feel they’ve set level of quality CGI realism that as of yet has to be exceeded by others.

    Perhaps they can pull off the perfect Eclipse Phase movie?

  3. Kjetil says:

    And this little entertainment group will get a budget of one of the most expensive movies ever made…

  4. Dude says:

    They should sell the rights for the movie to a big production company. But why not start with publishing a novel or two on this and seeing if it takes off?

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