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Neverwinter Nights on Facebook Review

Posted on October 10, 2011 by Monica Valentinelli

One of the cool things about “new” media is a company’s ability to bridge the gap between paper and pencils with technology. Neverwinter Nights on Facebook is a social game you can play.

The first thing you do is roll stats. There’s no character class, but this min/maxer (That’s right.. Me…) rolled a few times until I got… Well… Some decent stats. The game didn’t work on Chrome so off to Firefox I go… That’s where I found out that punctuation doesn’t work in the character name field. I have an elf name I often use (Lazy, I know, I know…) but the apostrophe didn’t take.

Character name: Sha relea
Strength: 20/20
Stamina: 165/165
Intelligence: 10/10
Agility: 10/10
Spirit: 10/10
Experience: 1/100 Lvl 1 <---At least I get one point for setting this up! Gold: Zero <--- OUCH! MUST FIX! Gems: 5 Currently, I am located in a graveyard. I own a neutral army. Should I attack said graveyard? OF COURSE. I try to attack the graveyard and that isn't the right action for me to take. There's an add for D&D online, but below that I see a number of options for me that flesh out what I can do. I'm feeling... Peckish? In the mood for violence? So I click on the "fight" link. And win! My stats now are: Strength: 40/40 <--I'm going to be soooo buff! Stamina: 205/205 Intelligence: 10/10 Agility: 10/10 Spirit: 10/10 Experience: 11/100 Lvl 1 Gold: $10 Gems: 5 I attempt to buy a weapon, but sadly I have little gold. I need a hundred pieces! The Blade's description cracks me up. It says: Basic stabby stabby. So I attempt to fight the Ghost Army and I lose. Badly. However... I lose 10% of my health. That's it. And gain an experience point. I try a Quest to Smack the Rat. I get a dollar and an experience point. It's suggested that I visit to the tavern. I click "continue" and I find two gold. (Still need that hundred to get a blade...) So I try another Lvl 1 quest. More gold. (You see where I'm going with this -- I like the shinies!)

So I go back to fighting and I win again.

Before I leave the game, I check out the icons in the upper right hand corner. Find out after I click the Tavern’ll cost me twenty gold (OW!) but I recover my pride along with my Health and Stamina before I fight again.

The game is fun, quick and easy. You can recruit friends and fight quickly. The only drawbacks are for… Well, should I call myself a hardcore gamer? There’s no character class, but I’m not sure there needs to be. Yes, the ad threw me off a bit because I was concentrated on playing Neverwinter Nights on Facebook. And I would have liked to know what to do in a sample round before diving in. Other than that? It’s very, very easy for gamers and non-gamers alike. So easy, in fact, it’s the kind of game you can kick all kinds of arse in less than ten seconds.

Wanna fight?

Review by Monica Valentinelli

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    1. Thanks for the great review. I don’t know what kind of hero would I start using.

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