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New Deadlands Noir fiction by Shane Hensley & John Goff available now!

Posted on February 9, 2013 by Flames

Pinnacle Entertainment has expanded the Deadlands Noir setting with two new fiction eBooks, Tenement Men by Shane Hensley and Blood & Roses by John Goff, both are available now at Hensley also has a new thriller tale that is not related to the Deadlands setting, called Texter, available in eBook formats.

Deadlands Noir: Tenement Men

    It always starts with a dame. Sometimes it goes on with the mafia, the mad inventions of patent science, a bag full of dark magic, and a wave of the faceless poor, an allegory turned far too real. But not always.

    This tale of hardboiled horror features private detective Harvey Jenkins and takes place immediately after the events of our four-part illustrated audiodrama Hardboiled in the Big Easy, which is available on YouTube (keywords Deadlands Noir).

    Tenement Men is the first Dime Novel for Deadlands Noir.

    Written by Shane Lacy Hensley.

    Deadlands Noir: Blood and Roses

      A missing boyfriend, a lost bag, and sad girl in a split skirt is enough to make any piano player want to lend a talented hand.

      The threats of a pushy Ranger to back off just sealed the deal.

      Follow our many-fingered tale in which blood will out and not all sin is original.

      Blood & Roses is the second Dime Novel for Deadlands Noir.

      Written by John Goff.


        This short thriller is told entirely in phone texts.

        A group of friends are hiking Mt. Rainier when something goes horribly wrong. At first it seems some members of the party suffered terrible accidents, but as the police recover their cell phones and begin to piece together their text messages, a very different story emerges.

        For Mature Readers, contains some strong language.

        Texter was written by Shane Hensley, best known for his gaming work (Deadlands and Savage Worlds among many others).

        Get these and more tales of adventure from Pinnacle Entertainment at!

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