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New World of Darkness Pre-Orders!

Posted on November 13, 2008 by Flames

White Wolf Publishing has all kinds of new books in the horizon, be sure to pre-order your copies today!

World of Darkness: Slasher

Blood Splatter

There’s a different breed of killer out there. They aren’t driven by the need to drink blood or the pulse of the full moon. They kill because they have to, because murder is the only thing they know. Will you hunt the slashers — or join their ranks?

A Chronicle Book for World of Darkness and Hunter: The Vigil

• A grim exploration of the slasher phenomenon: why are some humans—including some hunters—driven to kill? How can some of them shrug off bullets or ignore an axe to the skull?
• A look at a new hunter conspiracy driven to investigate, hunt—and hopefully arrest—supernatural serial killers: the FBI’s VASCU, or Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit.
• Learn how to use slashers in a story both as antagonists and as anti-hero protagonists. Examine the cruel Undertakings of the slashers of the World of Darkness.
• New weapons in the fight against slashers… as well as new slashers in the fight against everybody with a pulse. Includes new equipment, Tactics, Merits, and Endowments (including VASCU’s psychic Teleinformatics abilities).

Pre-Order World of Darkness: Slasher today at

World of Darkness: Inferno

The Legions of Hell

It starts with the buzzing of flies. The smell of rotting meat. Then the whispers begin. They’re out there, waiting for a moment of weakness so they can slip through, hungry for the vices that feed them. You can even let them in — though be careful of the cost.

A Character Book for World of Darkness

• A resource for portraying demons in the World of Darkness, from spirits of evil to the Hierarchies of Hell.
• Information on summoning and pacting with demons.
• A system for representing those who have been possessed by the infernal.
• Sample demons and possessed to plague a chronicle, demonic artifacts and more.

Pre-Order World of Darkness: Inferno at

Also coming soon from White Wolf Publishing:

Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners – Includes a selection of truly ancient vampires, creatures driven by the madness of eternity and the hunger of ages. Players will find new bloodlines, Merits, Devotions and other useful details for their own characters.

Vampire: Ancient Mysteries – Explore the flashpoints in history that have shaped Kindred society n for better or for worse. Discover the mysteries of elder Kindred and how they navigate the Fog of Ages and their own thickening Blood.

Hunter: Night Stalkers – For vampire-hunters, a gaggle of new Tactics, Merits and Endowments (including the Cainite Heresyis Rites of Denial). For Storytellers, a ibuild-your-owni vampire section featuring new options to apply old folklore.

The Beast that hunts the Blood: Nosferatu – The Nosferatu Clanbook for Vampire: the Requiem.

Graceful Wicked Masques – The Fair Folk – A Guide to the Fair Ones for Exalted 2nd Edition.

Scion Companion – A resource book for Scion with 3 new pantheons, new boons, powers and knacks to expand the World Setting.

Shadows in the Dark: Mekhet – The Mekhet Clan Book for Vampire: The Requiem.

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