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Pre-Order Cold City, Version 1.1

Posted on July 28, 2008 by Flames

Contested Ground Studios is delighted to announce the release of an upgraded version of their hit Cold City RPG.

Cold City v1.1 takes all the information from the original book and combines it with the Cold City Companion to create one comprehensive source for Cold City games. In addition to all of that, there’s a new, revised system chapter that offers smoother gameplay and more guidances for participants.

There’s internal artwork by Stuart Beel (SLA Industries, Changeling, Werewolf and many other RPGs and CCGs ) and Paul Bourne (3:16, a|state, Hot War, Piledrivers & Powerbombs), offering a great visual experience.

Cold City v1.1 allows you to create games all about hidden agendas, trust and monster hunting in the gradually recovering city of Berlin in the year 1950. Working for the secretive Reserve Police Agency, the characters must confront the needs of the nations they respresent, while trying to carry out their arduous, horrific tasks.

Praise for the original version of Cold City:

“Supernatural investigators in Cold War Berlin. I totally want to play this. Proof that you can come out of left field with a setting idea and still maintain clarity of concept.” – Robin D Laws, creator of ‘Over The Edge’, ‘Feng Shui’ and ‘The Dying Earth RPG’

“It’s a wonderful book, allowing the players to explore the darkness that engulfs the horror-filled streets of post-Nazi Berlin, while exploring the nature of the own group and characters as well.” – Jeramy Ware, 2007 ENWorld-Gen Con ‘ENnie’ Awards judge

For those who own the original books, there’s no need to rush out and buy this new version. The revised system chapter is available for free download at the Contested Ground Studios website. We sincerely appreciate all the customers who have purchased the game and wouldn’t like people to feel that they have to get v1.1. If you have the original book and the Cold City Companion, then simply download the system chapter PDF and you’re good to go!

There’s also a downloadable preview available for perusal.

The hardcopy will be available at Indie Press Revolution from 1st August, but you can pre-order the combined hardcopy and PDF package for $33. You’ll get the PDF straight away and receive your book as soon they arrive in stock.

Cold City v1.1 is also available as just a PDF from Indie Press Revolution and, priced at $13.

The book will be available from the Contested Ground Studios online shop from mid-August.

Contested Ground Studios will be at Gen Con Indy from 14th ot 18th August. Come along to the Play Collective booth (booth number 2039) and say hello and check out all of our stuff, including Cold City and the brand new Hot War RPG.

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