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Preview of Dagger of Spiragos for Scarred Lands

Posted on July 20, 2017 by Flames

Dagger of SpiragosToday, is pleased to share a preview of Dagger of Spiragos for Scarred Lands. Artifacts from the fallen titan Spiragos have been recovered, and forces are at work that would see them used for ill. The Dagger of Spiragos and the Ring of Spiragos are now in the player characters’ hands — and they must do what they can to rid Scarn of the foul relics of the titans, whatever the cost! contributor Monica Valentinelli developed and added additional enhancements to this adventure for Scarred Lands with Scott Holden as acting line developer. This adventure is now available in PDF for two rule sets: Dagger of Spiragos (5E) and Dagger of Spiragos (Pathfinder).

Enjoy this preview for the 5th Edition version! This excerpt sets up the adventure, and shows what Dagger of Spiragos is all about.

Dagger of Spiragos

Dagger of Spiragos is an adventure designed for four characters of 4th to 5th level. It is the second of three adventures to rid the Scarred Lands of relics from Spiragos the Ambusher, a fallen titan. This adventure is designed to be a follow-up to Gauntlet of Spiragos (which you can download for free, but it can also be run as a stand-alone module. Advice is provided for GMs who wish to run this module by itself.

In cases where groups below 4th level or above 5th level undertake Dagger of Spiragos, we suggest that you modify each encounter by increasing or subtracting numbers of enemies, altering the DC of various skill and ability checks, and adjusting the villains by raising or lowering their Hit Dice or substituting different creatures that are weaker or stronger, as appropriate.

Dagger of Spiragos takes place entirely on the Fangsfall Peninsula on the continent of Ghelspad, and the adventure includes two visits to the city of Fangsfall. To flesh out the setting, “Appendix A: Fangsfall Peninsula” offers detailed information about the locations presented in the adventure. “Appendix B: Carnival of Shadows” presents rules and write-ups for a traveling group of NPCs integral to Chapter 5. Both are designed to give GMs more options, and can be used to design short side quests or follow up adventures to extend the campaign.

Dagger of Spiragos also presents optional encounters you can use to customize the adventure to your group’s needs. Each GM is encouraged to pursue an entertaining balance of exploration, interaction, and combat for their group’s enjoyment.

This adventure requires the 5th Edition Player’s Guide and the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide. The 5th Edition Monster Book is also referred to in places.


Following the conclusion of Gauntlet of Spiragos, the PCs possess the unholy Dagger of Spiragos and Ring of Spiragos, and the relics’ dark taint follows them wherever they go. In “Chapter One: The Journey to Fangsfall,” the PCs travel to Fangsfall to find means to destroy these corrupted artifacts. For groups that have not completed Gauntlet of Spiragos, the PCs acquire the evil dagger and ring before setting off on the rest of the adventure.

Upon their arrival, the PCs find themselves in the middle of a bustling, overcrowded city filled with intrigue and opportunity for adventure. Following the clues, the heroes visit the Mithril Chapterhouse. These knights assume responsibility for the Ring of Spiragos, but inform the heroes that, to destroy the Dagger of Spiragos, they must first retrieve the blood of a thulkan — a fiery elemental giant loyal to the fallen titan Thulkas — from its lair in the Bronze Hills. Unfortunately, their quest will not be easy. With the dagger in their possession, the PCs feel the weight of the evil they carry. They encounter harrowing challenges, aggressive creatures, and nefarious thieves attracted to the cursed object.

While searching the Bronze Hills for their quarry, the PCs encounter a band of Redeemed slitherin who offer to aid them in return for a “harmless” favor. With their heart set on finding the thulkan, the heroes enter its domain only to be met with deadly challenges and clockwork creatures. Victorious, the heroes return to Fangsfall only to find the city is not how they left it…

Want to learn more? This Scarred Lands is now available in PDF for two rule sets: Dagger of Spiragos (5E) and Dagger of Spiragos (Pathfinder).

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