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Scarlet Huntress Anthology on Kickstarter

Posted on May 2, 2013 by Flames

Scarlet Huntress battles werewolves and fights for revenge in a new exciting comic with 3 stories and tons of new art by Sean Forney!

Scarlet Huntress has been a passion and a long journey for us. We have worked hard to develop the characters, back stories, and story arcs to keep readers interested. The original book, Scarlet Huntress #1, came out in 2006 but Scarlet first appeared in two other anthology books called Portal. After seeing great reviews and success with #1 we took our time developing the next phase of the story and published Scarlet Huntress #2 in 2011. Soon after came the ancillary books Scarlet’s Guide to Cryptids and a children’s book version Little Red Riding Hood: Origins of a Huntress. People have been asking for more stories and more books so we’ve come up with this kickstarter to help fund our and everyone else’s dreams of seeing more Scarlet Huntress hitting the shelves.

This kickstarter will allow Sean to take time away from other paying work to finish the art on the new Scarlet Huntress book. The stories have been written, and cover is done, and now we just need the time and the money to finish the art and get it published and into the hands of readers. People all over the country and some international readers have been asking for new material, but it’s hard to justify getting the art finished when we also need to put food on the table and stay afloat as a family. This is where the wonderful idea of kickstarter comes in – it allows us to seek funds to help produce this awesome new work!

This new book is a collection of 3 stories, each of which have a very different theme and style because they’ve been written by 3 different writers (John Barker, Bryan (Stratos) K. Borgman, and regular Scarlet Huntress writer Stephanie Forney.

    A little history…

    For those of you who aren’t already fans please read these descriptions of the first and second issue of Scarlet Huntress to wet your appetite for more!

    Scarlet Huntress #1 – After running away for two years due to the death of her mother, Scarlet returns hoping to move on with her life. Instead her plans change when she learns of a secret family legacy that will change her life forever. Through her grandmother Scarlet learns of a hidden world full of evil, werewolves, and huntresses. Now Scarlet must decide if she will follow in the secret family business and become the next Scarlet Huntress.

    Scarlet Huntress #2 – Scarlet is home and her plans have changed now that she knows about the secret family legacy and has chosen to try out the Huntress idea in order to seek revenge for her mother’s murder. Now Scarlet takes her first steps into the secret family business, starts her training, and completes her FIRST KILL as a Huntress.

    Scarlet’s Field Guide to Cryptids – Is a field guide journal from Scarlet’s perspective telling the stories of her encounters with various cryptids throughout the United States. Artwork within the book is done by Sean Forney and various artists including Josh Medors, Josh Warner, Jay Fife, Sean Collins, and more.

    Find out more information and back this project at!

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