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Preview of Night Veil by Yasmine Galenorn

Posted on July 4, 2011 by

FlamesRising.com is pleased to present you with an excerpt from Night Veil, the second novel in the new Indigo Court series written by Yasmine Galenorn. This dark fantasy story debuts on Tuesday, July 5th. In this preview, you’ll read a brief introduction to the world and a part of the first chapter.

Night Veil: The Beginning

Myst led her people into the shadows and ice, and there they hid, sheltered in the depths of lore. The Vampiric Fae were pariah, kept a dirty secret, shamefully debasing the entire realm of Faerie. And so in furtive silence, the Host fed and drank deep and did rend the flesh of its victims and feast. But their thirst was unquenchable, and it was then that Myst discovered one of their newfound powers: Members of the Indigo Court could drink from the souls of the magic-born…


Tales from the Perilous Realm

Posted on November 27, 2008 by

The definitive collection of Tolkien’s classic “fairie” tales, in the vein of The Hobbit, illustrated by Oscar winner Alan Lee.

Never before published in a single volume, Tolkien’s four novellas (Farmer Giles of Ham, Leaf by Niggle, Smith of Wootton Major, and Roverandom) and one book of poems (The Adventures of Tom Bombadil) are gathered together for the first time, in a fully illustrated volume. This new, definitive collection of works — which had appeared separately, in various formats, between 1949 and 1998 — comes with a brand-new foreword and endmatter, and with a series of detailed pencil illustrations by Alan Lee, in the style of his other award-winning Tolkien work, most recently in The Children of Húrin.

Tales from the Perilous Realm is available at Amazon.com.


Swallowing Darkness Fiction Review

Posted on November 21, 2008 by

Pregnant with twins, Princess Meredith NicEssus embarks on her biggest battle yet in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Swallowing Darkness.

With impending motherhood, Merry knows the safest thing for her unborn children, her lovers/guards and she is to escape faerie to Los Angeles. After all, her cousin Prince Cel desperately wants her – and her nearest and dearest – dead. Or maybe just maimed.

But escaping safely to the Western Lands means working with humans, who may not be fully aware of the deadly task they face of protecting Merry and her posse. Old wounds will bleed again…


New Chapters Available Now at Monica Valentinelli’s Violet War Website!

Posted on November 9, 2008 by

The ongoing urban fantasy novel series, Violet War, by Monica Valentinelli has new chapters to explore!

Monica gives her readers a little teaser on the new material:

One of the key concepts in this chapter, is that we read about the concept of “The Condemned.” In the magic world, there is a series of Oaths that bind and tie each and every entity within the magical community together. These Oaths are a complex network of promises and “social contracts,” replacing the need for written laws. Oaths are binding and brutal, for many concepts like “free will” go right out the window once an Oathbringer brands the oath into their mind–literally. The strength of the Oath depends upon a lot of factors including the magical prowess of the Oathbringer, the resiliency of the person’s mind, how many people are branded, etc.

Visit www.violetwar.com for the latest updates.


Changeling eBook Bundle!

Posted on September 19, 2008 by

White Wolf has made a new PDF bundle offer. This week we celebrate our ENnie-award winning “Product of the Year”, Changeling: The Lost and it’s companion SAS, The Fearmaker’s Promise, which won the silver ENnie for best electronic book.

A Storytelling Game of Beautiful Madness – Taken from your home, transformed by the power of Faerie, kept as the Others’ slave or pet — but you never forgot where you came from. Now you have found your way back through the Thorns, to a home that is no longer yours. You are Lost. Find yourself.

The Changeling Bundle is available at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop.


Pre-Order Night Horrors: Grim Fears

Posted on August 28, 2008 by

The Wicked Ones

Seductive lover and cannibal hag. Jealous queen and murderous bogeyman. The creatures out of fairy tales are immortal, born anew in each generation’s stories. Watch carefully over your children, and keep iron handy — for these childhood fears are all too real.

A Chronicle Book for Changeling: The Lost

Pre-Order Night Horrors: Grim Fears at Amazon.com.


Equinox Road (Changeling) Now Available!

Posted on August 20, 2008 by

Earlier we had posted a teaser (The Parliament of Victors) from the new Changeling: the Lost supplement. At GenCon I managed to check out the rest of the book. You won’t be disappointed. Tons of great new material and plenty of cool ideas to add to your game:

The Path Perilous

The road is dangerous, and you may be torn apart by the Thorns. The destination is a risk of death, or the return to slavery. But there’s much to be gained for those brave and clever enough to dare the return — the return to Faerie.


Fae Noir RPG Review

Posted on June 4, 2008 by

It is not a bad idea to yoke together two distinct genres in order to create a media product which occupies a distinctive niche. Of course, the approach does not guarantee that the result will be coherent in terms of meaning or internal logic but, given enough attempts, it should be possible to find a combination that more or less works. Justin Bow, for Green Fairy Games, has joined together the concepts of, as the name suggests, ‘Fae’ and ‘noir.’

Together, then, these two concepts could work. Fae creatures enter an otherwise predominantly human society in which bad things tend to happen to everyone. It is possible to argue that the Sergei Lukyanenko novels, for example, fit this pattern, although RPG players are perhaps more likely to reference the film Sin City and the comics that gave rise to it.

Review by John Walsh


Grimm Tales from Nox Arcana

Posted on May 2, 2008 by

Once Upon A Time…

Enter the Realm of Fable, where goblins, elves and sylvan spirits dwell in the deepest shadows of the forest beneath the wicked Witch Queen’s spell of eternal darkness.

Nox Arcana invites you to immerse yourself in a haunting soundscape of bewitching melodies, eerie sound effects and pulse-pounding orchestrations as you explore an enchanted land of dark fairy tales and childhood nightmares.

Pre-Order Grimm Tales at Amazon.com


Pre-Order Lords of Summer

Posted on May 1, 2008 by

Lords of Summer is a Character Book for Changeling: The Lost

Swear again your allegiance to your Court
take up your knight’s banner and badge once more
The ties between us shall be renewed, and the old oaths fulfilled
We all stand together in summer, the season of war


Interview with Fantasy Author Tad Williams

Posted on April 28, 2008 by

Flames Rising Project Manager, Monica Valentinelli, was delighted when Tad Williams agreed to an interview for Flames Rising. This interview gave Monica the chance to ask Tad “the” burning questions she’s always wondered about. Monica has reviewed a few of Tad William’s books for Flames, you can read her Shadowplay review and her War of the Flowers Review.

Tad Williams opens up about his writing style, favorite villains, and his new young adult fantasy series co-authored with Deborah Beale. So sit back and read along about veteran science fiction and fantasy writer Tad Williams, in this engaging interview.


Abe Sapien (Doug Jones) talks Hellboy 2 at ReelzChannel

Posted on January 30, 2008 by

One of the movies that I am really looking forward to checking out is Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

I’ve been following the press releases and trailers and rumors as I get the time. Guillermo del Toro and his team have not let me down yet. I’ve also re-watched Hellboy and Hellboy: Blood & Iron a couple of times just for fun.


Solstice Wood Review

Posted on January 29, 2008 by

Written by Patricia A. McKillip
Reviewed by Alana Abbott

Secrets weave upon secrets in McKillip’s tale of weaving witches who bind their neighboring fairies, keeping the otherworld at bay. When Sylvia’s grandfather dies and she becomes the heir to Lynn Hall, one of the places where this world and the other intersect, secrets she’s been trying to hide for years start coming to the surface. She never knew the identity of her father–her mother kept it secret until her death–but she knows that he wasn’t human.


Changeling: the Lost Review

Posted on December 28, 2007 by

Changeling: the Lost is a very different game than Changeling: the Dreaming. Some of the terminology may be similar but each book explores fairy tales in a different way and offer up very different types of games. Some fans will want to compare the two games, others will look at Lost as something new and original. I’m a fan of both games. Changeling: the Lost is an amazing book, full of great writing and tons of story elements.


Shadowplay Review

Posted on February 26, 2007 by

Shadowplay is the second book in the Shadowmarch series, written by veteran novelist Tad Williams. Truthfully, I have not read Shadowmarch, the first of the three books in this trilogy—but I have read almost every other book that Williams has ever published. Picking up Shadowplay was an experiment, in the sense that I wasn’t sure whether or not I would need to read the first book. The result?

Shadowplay has very little recap from its predecessor—you can glean the details as you read on—and the first hundred pages proved difficult to me as a reader simply because I hadn’t read the events leading up to the scattering of the royal Eddon family and the takeover by the Tollys.


Interview with freelance author Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Posted on September 19, 2005 by

In this interview Aaron tells us about his work on Werewolf: the Forsaken and Dark Ages: Fae for White Wolf Game Studio. We also talk about writing full-time for Morrigan Press and get a few details about some of the upcoming Omni System titles.


War of the Flowers Review

Posted on March 27, 2005 by

The War of the Flowers is written in such a way that you forget the fae archetypes that run amuck in this novel. Williams’ quality of writing gives a visual feel to the book that lets you revel in the myriad of faerie types he describes. Sprites, pixies, hobgoblins, tommy-knockers, ferishers, selkies, goblins, trolls, poleviks and nixies are just a small part of this tale. Each type of faerie has been distinguished from its archetype in such a way you feel that Williams collected several as if they were fragile butterflies. Not so breakable are the trolls. While ugly and useful for their strength, their endearing quality is that they are named after their favorite childhood “toy.”


GRIMM (Horizon d20) Review

Posted on March 20, 2005 by

Grimm is a d20 setting part of Fantasy Flight Games’ Horizon line. It’s self-contained and only needs the 3 Core books. It’s designed with 3.5 in mind but I imagine the 3.0 Core books could be used without difficulty. The premise is that you play children who have been drawn into the lands where the Grimm fairy tales took place. It was the setting that caught my attention and is the reason I decided to buy it. Grimm definitely gets points for uniqueness.


Shining Host LARP Review

Posted on September 20, 2004 by

In the game The Shining Host, you play a fae trapped in a mortal shell, destined to roam earth in search of dreams, and cast out of your true home, Arcadia. You can still make illusions real, though as time wears on you, it becomes harder and harder. But with the onset of civilization, true artists are hard to find, and the inspiration there once was for fantasy is fading. Personal tragedy is hidden because it is disbelief, making it a tougher, yet more interesting game to follow. As reality becomes more prevalent, your world fades.


Interview with Echo Chernik

Posted on December 30, 2003 by

In this interview artist extraordinaire Echo Chernik tells us about her work on various RPGs including Mage: the Ascension, Conspiracy X and Deleria.

She also gives us some insight into her inspirations and other bits about her art.


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