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Interview with Andrew Bates

Posted on December 10, 2004 by

Andrew describes his job as Managing Editor of Sword & Sorcery Studios in this interview. We also talk about his work on several World of Darkness RPGs, Ravenloft and writing the Year of the Scarab trilogy.


Wraith Players Guide Review

Posted on September 24, 2004 by

True to the standard nature of player’s guides, Wraith’s adds in the usual mixture of extra detail and handy charts. It sets itself apart (like so many Wraith additions) by adding considerably more history and societal analysis than virtually any other player’s guide out there. For a breakdown of what’s added, let’s go to the chapters:

First we come to Traits. As expected, we find new Knowledges, Skills, Abilities, and Backgrounds, but we also come across what became a dominant methodology in Wraith: Merits and Flaws. These simple additions act as a two-fold improvement. Primarily, they give bonuses and/or free up some freebie points (you’ll never get enough of those, even if you’re the Storyteller), but they also aid in the development and growth of a character. New players can select a few Merits, counterbalance those with some Flaws, and by working with their Storyteller add much more depth to their characters.


Interview with Author Bruce Baugh

Posted on May 3, 2004 by

Bruce talks to about writing the last of the Mage: the Ascension novels, developing the Mind’s Eye Theatre line of LARP products and lots of other dark and dreary projects.


Interview with Echo Chernik

Posted on December 30, 2003 by

In this interview artist extraordinaire Echo Chernik tells us about her work on various RPGs including Mage: the Ascension, Conspiracy X and Deleria.

She also gives us some insight into her inspirations and other bits about her art.


Interview with Lucien Soulban

Posted on December 14, 2003 by

Author and game designer Lucien Soulban tells us a bit about working on the Orpheus RPG and a few other projects with White Wolf Publishing.

He also mentions a few new projects on the horizon that we should all keep an eye out for.


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