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That Feeling When Oracle Deck is on Kickstarter

Posted on September 1, 2021 by Flames

    That feeling when you discover a word in another language that so perfectly captures a familiar experience is a joyful, exciting feeling in itself. Think hygge (a Danish concept for the quality of being warm and comfortable that gives a feeling of happiness) or shinrin-yoku (a Japanese word for the healing act of forest bathing).

    Inspired by these hard-to-name but universal feelings, those liminal spaces between Big Emotions, That Feeling When is a 44-card oracle deck crafted from evocative, inclusive, and community-sourced collage imagery. The 2.5″x3.5″ cards sport a satin-matte finish and glittery turquoise edge and are packed in a two-piece box with a full-color guide book.

    As part of this campaign, That Feeling When oracle deck is being offered at a Kickstarter-exclusive price for individual decks, as well as a wholesale bundle. Note: Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends.

    That Feeling When You Grow Wings

    That Feeling When begins with a New Year’s Resolution to learn the tarot. In the midst of the pandemic, I began a Tarot Tuesday Twitch livestream, asking my community of witchy gamers to be my “accountabilibuddies” as I very publicly worked my way through weekly lessons about the hidden secrets of the major and minor arcana. I’d always struggled with memorizing the tarot’s “little white book”, but over the next months, I’d be surprised to discover a few things:

    Learning tarot unlocked my trust in my own intuition.

    Sharing my journey built others’ intuition, trust, and self-care habits, too.

    Contrary to my terror stepping out of the broom closet, being a public-facing witch enabled my deepest mission in life: empowering others to live authentically and joyfully.

    Through my online witchery, Tula of Swords, I’ve continued sharing my witchcraft and tarot journeys in the form of zines, crafts, and artifacts, and this act of creating has given me so much personal joy, I want to expand and create more; support my local magical community by vending at local markets; etc.

    That’s how That Feeling When became a spark, and this is where YOU came in…

    That Feeling When Oracle Deck is now funding on!

      More About the Creator

      Lysa Tula Penrose crafts magical zines and witchy artifacts as Tula of Swords. This intuitive, secular witch based in the Pacific Northwest delights in creating tarot spreads that combine thoughtful questions with visual cues that amplify focus and intention… all wrapped up in the modern-yet-whimsical designs of her zines. You might also find Lysa wrapping crystals and driftwood into wands; electroforming jewelry; woodburning boxes for magical trinkets; and generally putting the CRAFT in witchcraft.

      In addition to her creative work as Tula of Swords, Lysa is a tarot/oracle reviewer for Indie Deck Review and organizer of ArCONa, a virtual convention where witchcraft and tabletop RPGs meet.

      Lysa daylights as a storyteller, game designer, and brand manager, creating opportunities for TTRPG makers to thrive together. When she’s not gathering and engaging communities of creatives, Lysa hosts and produces Behold Her, a podcast showcasing diverse, inspiring stories from femme gamers.

      Lysa weaves her own stories alongside elevating others’ voices and is known for her whimsical game and adventure design. She writes for RPG publishers such as Wizards of the Coast, Magpie Games, Kobold Press, and Jetpack7, and is the creator of Mundane Magic RPG.

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