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Vampire Retrospective: Tyler Ray

Posted on December 5, 2011 by Flames

The Vampire Retrospective Project continues today with an essay from Tyler Ray. Tyler tells us about discovering Vampire at a convention in Las Vegas and the artwork and mood of Vampire have changed how he plays RPGs even today.

Scream dark and feral desires

    Vampire The Masquerade brings up so many thoughts and images since it was brought to my attentions at convention in Vegas. The first soft cover green book showed that 16 year old the first time it was more about the character than the action. Those pages bound inside the book talking about the fight between man and the beast, are you really in control of your fate, and can you live in the structure of society or rebel against it. Staring at those Timothy Bradstreet images seeming to scream dark and feral desires. I still feel that I only started to scratch the memories that White Wolf has brought up when I played Vampire.

    Looking back at all the games I played and places we went with sessions that played out to the wee hours of the morning. The game expand so much on the hobby I cherished, the just combat sessions changed to exploring the reasons. My group try to tear down prince through violence to practically selling ones soul to keep his power. The highs and lows The Masquerade would take you on was those games your group would talk about even after the game. Many of the ideals about running a game still carries on to my other games to this day.

    The artwork always drew you into the mood of the games, dark, violent, sensual, and disturbing. Flipping through the pages just seeing the art would even give ideas for whole stories or campaign. The flavor quotes and pictures never let you forget that this was a game that wanted the story, not just some action sequence.

    I don’t want to bore the reader with my gushing feelings for this game and the joy it has brought to me. For those that still play and reminisce, about pulling one over the Prince or being forced to grovel before a elder, may your dice come up tens. I must say thanks to all those who help develop the game that has change so much of my hobby and the way I play. You all have brought many years of joy since and still more for a new generation.

    Tyler Ray – 2011

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