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Way of the Wolf Novel Review

Posted on September 24, 2004 by Flames

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Vampire Earth Series
Written by E.E. Knight

This is E.E. Knight’s first book, and I can definitely see it taking off as a very long series indeed, but one which I will be eagerly anticipating each new arrival. The setting is of a near future, starting around 2065, but with the events leading up to that current frame only happening in the next few years that we have to look forward to. Granted, this book is entitled Vampire Earth, and it does have to do with vampires, only not in the traditional sense.

Two races of Aliens have come to earth. One race is benevolent, the Lifeweavers, they have come to look at us, and show us ways to better ourselves…and of course, because they know that another race is coming, and they are working hard to prepare us. The second race is known as the Kurians, but are more commonly called Reapers. They are the ones that resemble Vampires. They drink your soul, and have come with a mutated bunch of humanoid creatures called Grogs. The Reapers are strong, fast, highly intelligent, and vile, the Grogs are stupid. They wear thick cloaks which act similar to Kevlar as well, and do not like the sunlight.

The Lifeweavers set out to improve a human being, there is something that they can do, and it is still not understood, but they open up the untapped potential of a candidate. There are several orders one of the military can be. There are Cats; these people are swift, fast, and quiet, used as scouts mostly. The Bears; these are the strongest fighters. There have been instances of one Bear taking out several Reapers by him/herself. And then you have the Wolves. Basically the grunts, they are the ones who travel in packs, completing missions, escorting, and everything else.

The story opens with a team of Wolves escorting some wayward people to a safe zone, under the command of Lt. David Valentine. The story goes a little further, and then delves into David’s history, to him being a boy, going to the military, becoming a Wolf, and seamlessly rejoins the story so smoothly you scarcely realize that your out of backstory and further than where you left off to flashback.

David has his ups and downs, his loves and his losses, and does a really good job of pissing off the Reapers. At one point, he is so emboldened that while rescuing a teammate of his, he even manages to rescue a Lifeweaver in the midst of a Reaper run town. Through this entire book you find yourself turning each page just to see if David can make it out alive, and it becomes one of those books that you end up reading completely through before you put it down and look for the next one.

All in all, I am looking for the next installment, I can see alot of promise for this story, and also for E.E Knight.

Reviewer: Matt Mulholland

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