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Avatar Press has big plans for NYCC!

Posted on October 8, 2012 by Flames

AVATAR PRESS will be at the NYCC in full force this year – with multiple guests and several panels for comic fans to attend. So, mark your con agenda and get your questions ready! Here, you will get to see your favorite creators and insiders in person, announcing top secret projects and sharing their thoughts you would normally never see in print.

What will be Garth Ennis’ huge announcement?
I guarantee you won’t be expecting this!

    GARTH ENNIS: Top Secret New Project Revealed!??
    Sat 10/13/12?4:00 – 5:00 PM?Location: 1A06
    Speakers: William Christensen (Avatar CEO), Garth Ennis (Crossed, Stitched, Preacher, The Boys)
    Garth Ennis has created dozens of critically-acclaimed projects including: Preacher, Crossed, The Punisher, The Boys, Stitched, and many more! In the Stitched short film he created new visions of modern horror and brought his trademark storytelling to the movie audience.  Now join GARTH ENNIS for a HUGE announcement and Q&A about his upcoming new project exclusively at New York Comic-Con!

    Making Comics the Avatar Way
    Sat 10/13/12?11:00 AM- 12:00 PM?Location: 1A08
    Speakers: William Christensen (Avatar CEO), Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Stitched, War Goddess), Jacen Burrows (Crossed, Neonomicon, Chronicles of Wormwood)
    Peek inside the inner workings of AVATAR PRESS, the industry’s most risk-taking publisher! Want insight into the hottest titles from Garth Ennis, Alan Moore, and David Lapham? Can’t get enough Ferals, Fashion Beast, or Crossed? Find out what new terrors this rogue publisher will unleash and get your questions answered!

    Night of the Living Dead: The Original Zombie Outbreak Returns!
    Sat 10/13/2012?7:45 – 8:45 PM?Location: 1A14
    Speakers: David Hine (Crossed, Spawn, Civil War: X-Men)
    This Halloween, DAVID HINE and Avatar Press launch a brand-new ongoing horror series, Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath. Join David as he discusses his bold new contribution to George Romero’s epic! If you like your comics splattered with action and gore, you’ll want to attend this NOTLD: Aftermath panel!

    Bleeding Cool Panel with Rich Johnston
    Sat 10/13/2012?7:45 – 8:45 PM?Location: 1A08
    Speakers: Rich Johnston is the source for breaking news in the comic book industry! With the launch of Bleeding Cool Magazine #1 coming soon, super-sleuth RICH JOHNSTON is delivering even more comics news. Get ready to hear the secrets behind the biggest comics events of 2013 which NO ONE has ever heard before!

    Avatar Press will be located at Booth #812 and will host the following guests:

    • Garth Ennis (Crossed, Preacher, The Boys)
    • Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Stitched, War Goddess)
    • Jacen Burrows (Crossed, Neonomicon)
    • David Hine (Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath, Crossed, Spawn)
    • Antony Johnston (Fashion Beast, Alan Moore’s The Courtyard)
    • Si Spurrier (Crossed: Wish You Were Here)
    • Facundo Perclo (Fashion Beast, Anna Mercury)
    • Rich Johnston (Bleeding Cool)
    • William Christensen (Editor-in-Chief)

    Keep up to date with the latest news and information at

    For more information about New York Comic Con, visit

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    1. Really wish I could be there for this. Huge Ennis fan, and been looking forward to whatever he’s got lined up for us after the final collection of Boys comic books comes out.

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