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Skelewags, an Everyday Work of Art – Literally

Posted on February 23, 2008 by

You may recall that we recently posted a call for suggestions to review horror webcomics. Well, I’m happy to report we’re digging deep into all things gory and illustrated to provide you with a list of the best places to visit on the web. One work of horror comedy art turned up in a place […]


The Cylon Centurion

Posted on February 3, 2008 by

Ok, I’m getting excited about the upcoming Battlestar Galactica Season Four. I’ve watched the Teasers and I’ve got the Razor DVD. What I don’t have is the Life Size Cylon. “Each Cylon is hand-made using only the finest materials and overseen by the ‘Robot Man’ himself, Fred Barton.” Can you imagine that thing sitting here […]


When Toys go Bad: Horror and Legos®

Posted on January 27, 2008 by

Sometimes the best in horror comes from the most unlikely of places; some of you might remember Franklin W. Cain’s Lego® Cthulu. While building horror images with Legos® can be a lot of fun (my favorites are the Darth Maul Lego® Sculpture Kit and the Viking Fortress against Fafnir Dragon) Brick Films knows that Legos® […]


SAW Movies and Creepy Dolls

Posted on January 26, 2008 by

The Saw movies have been pretty popular with horror fans for the last several years. Popular enough for a fourth movie to hit the shelves recently (and don’t forget the special edition of the first three movies that came out in October).

There are plenty of tie-products as well, including hats and t-shirts of course. I think my favorite though is the SAW Plush Doll from Sideshow Collectibles.


Cloverfield…monsters and movies.

Posted on January 24, 2008 by

Derek C. F. Pegritz really enjoyed the new Cloverfield movie from J. J. Abrams. The movie has done really well in theaters and is getting some pretty good feedback on various forums. Instead of writing up a review, Derek gives us: Modern Monsters and Modern Humanity This is a great look at monster movies over […]


White as a Ghost: Flames Rising’s October Movie Guide

Posted on October 7, 2006 by

Fresh from the grave, here are some horror movie releases that will be sure to check under your bed at night. Whether you’re traveling to the theatre or renting from your local video store, grab some popcorn and prepare to scream.


GenCon Indy: 2006 in Review

Posted on September 9, 2006 by

For many GenCon Indy veterans, this year’s convention had several noticeable changes. The winds of change were blowing through the vendor booths and demo areas, as evident by a stronger focus to video, card, and board games than in previous years.


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