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Dire: The First Creed of Pandemonium Available Now!

Posted on June 8, 2009 by Flames

As the Last War rages, ancient adversaries emerge. But new heroes rise, armed with terrifying abilities and the darkest of magics.

Written by Enrique Cachafeiro, Dire: The First Creed of Pandemonium is a new sourcebook for Dread that expands the Pandemonium Universe into strange new directions. Published by Pandora Peeks Press, this 48-page sourcebook features:

25 mind-bending new spells, including Detritavore, Pinata, Sangrial, Ferialis, Versacrum, Dispater, Actaeon, and Nero.

The Meiga, a new character class. Deformed and inhumane, Meigas wield the powers of demonkind to stalk, hunt, and defile. This power comes at a price, though, because Meigas who can’t learn to control these abilities can lose their humanity, becoming just like the demons that they fight.

The Perfecti, a sinister cadre of malevolent spirits. After a millennium of watching and waiting, they have made their move. Attacking through dreams, visions, and the bodies of their unsuspecting victims, these manipulative entities see the Disciples as a threat to their godhood, and will stop at nothing to bring them down.

The Misericorde, a group of mercenaries who know the truth about the Last War, the armies of Hell, and the Disciples who battle on the front lines. Armed with a potent drug called Sombra Vitae, the Misericorde wage war for the highest bidder — human, demon, or otherwise.

Two new demons, sample characters, an all-new scenario, and more!

Dire: The First Creed of Pandemonium is available today at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop.

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