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Epic Role Playing Quickstart Guide

Posted on July 30, 2008 by Flames

Dark Matter Studios, producer of the well-received fantasy rpg Epic Role Playing, has released its latest offering, the Quick Start Guide in PDF format. A sleek and maneuverable 100 pages, the QSG is a perfect intro for players wanting to know more about the ENnie Award nominated ruleset.

This PDF guide is a down-and-dirty primer to the Epic Role Playing game system. Easily accessible in electronic format, the Quick Start Guide is ready to introduce interested players to the game. As much information as possible has been compressed into this introductory guide book: core rules, character creation process, skills and experience, arcane magic, treasure, teasers from the full game system and more.

“For a while we’ve wanted to create a way for interested players to test-drive the basics of the Epic RPG system before making the investment in our ruleset,” commented Kent Davis, one of the two principal partner/designers. “The Quick Start Guide is a great balance between size and substance, and we’re delighted we can offer it for less than the cost of a movie ticket.”

The Quick Start Guide is completely compatible with the full Epic Role Playing ruleset contained in the Game Manual. It’s everything new players need to start up an Epic RPG game and lay straight into some harrowing adventure.

About Epic RPG Offering a platform that is flexible and realistic, the Epic RPG system still retains enough opportunities for death-defying heroism to satisfy the wildest imagination. Highlights include classless character design that integrates characters into a society through culturally defined professions; elegant and choice-filled combat; unique magic with disciplines such as the arcane science of metaphysics and the body magic called shen; a flexible skill system based on talent that allows players to customize their character’s growth with skills, specialties, masteries, and grandmasteries; and a fantasy setting abundant with disparate races, astounding civilizations, and captivating geographies.

Available exclusively in digital PDF format, the Epic RPG Quick Start Guide is now available for purchase from the Epic Role Playing store. “Epic Role Playing… for some folks it may be the Holy Grail that they’ve been searching for.” “Holy hell, what a game.”

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About Dark Matter Studios, LLC. Dark Matter and Epic Role Playing ( are based in the beautiful mountain town of Bozeman, Montana. Dark Matter is committed to making games that we ourselves want to play, not corporate products tested for brand maximization. We believe that intricate, engaging story and jawdropping, detailed action can coexist. Epic Role Playing is a game made by players for playing.

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