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EYES LIKE LEAVES by Charles de Lint Book Release Giveaway

Posted on February 26, 2012 by Flames

Tachyon is proud to announce our new release of Charles de Lint’s classic fantasy novel EYES LIKE LEAVES. We are joining Charles and his partner MaryAnn Harris for a special giveaway on Facebook. By joining the novel’s Facebook group, members are entered into a March 7th drawing to win copies of the novel and signed CDs of Charles and MaryAnn’s music.

EYES LIKE LEAVES, called “an enchanting epic fantasy” by Publishers Weekly, is a tale set in the mythical Green Isles, where the summer magic is waning. Vikings in snake ships pillage the coastal towns, driving the terrified Dathenan from their homes. There is a growing chill in the air even during the longest days of the summer solstice. The priests pray for deliverance, but to no avail; soon the isles will be encased in permanent frost. The harpers tell a tale of two feuding siblings: Hafarl, the Summerlord, has grown silent, his staff broken and his power dwindling. His brother Lothan, the Icelord, hunts the Summerlord like a hound, bringing chaos in the guise of the marauding ships. The Oracle at Pelamas Henge has decreed that the Summerlord’s staff must be restored. Their hopes rest upon a mysterious old dhruide, his inexperienced apprentice, a naïve young woman, and her adoptive family of tinkers and musicians carrying the magic of the Summerborn….

EYES LIKE LEAVES is available now at

Charles de Lint is the bestselling and much-beloved author of over more than seventy adult, YA, and children’s books, including Moonheart, The Onion Girl, Widdershins, and Medicine Road. He is the recipient of the World Fantasy, YALSA, Crawford, and Aurora awards. De Lint is a poet, songwriter, performer, and folklorist, and he writes a book review column for Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Tachyon Publications is an independent publishing company that specializes in smart science fiction and fantasy. Our recent titles include Context by Cory Doctorow, The Bible Repairman by Tim Powers, and Kafkaesque: Stories Inspired by Franz Kafka edited by John Kessel and James Patrick Kelly. For more than fifteen years we have been saving the world one good book at a time.

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