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Final Twilight Kickstarter Campaign launched!

Posted on January 24, 2012 by Flames

In the near future, on the western coast city of New Metropolis, an evil that has lain dormant for centuries is about to be awakened to the 21st century. Forces of darkness and magic strive to unleash a horror upon the Earth unlike any mankind can remember. The only forces capable of stopping it are rendered impotent by an age-old fear and hatred. Will humanity set aside their differences and stand as one against the darkness? Or will this be humanity’s Final Twilight?

Trinity, the first series, follows a trio of souls whose fates are intertwined. Mark Jarus, the last classically trained mage, fights the good fight as a vigilante in city overrun by crime! Kerra Neil, a young woman and skilled hunter stalking the shadows for murderers and magic-using blights upon humanity! And the enigmatic Charles Faust, whose cool and calm demeanor belie a centuries old heart of darkness and unnatural lust for power!

Final Twilight is an urban-fantasy expandable card game. In it, players take on the role of characters, modern knights and mages, dueling in the shadows, carrying on a war that has lasted for centuries! Players construct their own decks with characters from the setting, each with their own skills, powers, and tactics, in a wide assortment of cards, competing to take back the night or to claim it for themselves!

Final Twilight is NOT a Collectable Card Game! Each series allows players to select just what they want and not buy another thing! Trinity opens with a 2-player starter kit and from there players can purchase Expansion Packs, containing four copies, the playable limit, of an array of cards suited to that theme. Build any deck you can imagine quickly and easily from your own collection or share your collection and duel with friends!

Game Play

Players construct decks around the major characters featured in Final Twilight’s storylines. These characters determine the powers, abilities, and cards the player can utilize. Game play takes place within the city of New Metropolis with a series of Location cards, set up at the start of the game as a game board. Cards are played at a given Location as both players navigate the city in search of their opponent for a final showdown.

Cards are played using a pair of resources: Money, for “real world” allies, effects, and abilities; and Moren, a mage’s life force, for special powers, supernatural creatures and effects, and more. Players start with a base amount and grow and weaken as they play cards and abilities and win and lose in combat.

Combat is performed with a die roll. Modifiers from weapons, armors, ancient devices, and more influence the outcome. Each player tallies their totals and compares results; the winner is the one who deals damage, not just an “attacker”, making combat risky and uncertain and giving even “weak” characters a fighting chance.

The winner is the last player left standing: players who run out of Moren (life) lose, as do players who exhaust their deck of cards. Additional play-modes allow groups of four to play teams or even allows one player to go solo against an opposing character!

Download an Introduction at!

Find out more about Final Twilight at

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